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Learn how to gain access to the HMS Triton Plans

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Some time ago we shut down access to new downloads of the Triton plans due to piracy by the Chinese while we worked to determine a way to keep the plans from being pirated by others.  We investigated many options and have devised a method to eliminate, as much as possible, access by those wishing to pirate our plans.


The NRG Board came up with a workable method and access to the plans has now been reopened.  There is now a $5.00 (US) charge for access to the plans. There are costs incurred with providing the access that we must cover and we are sure anybody who is building either the cross section or the full model will agree that the plans are a bargain for the price.


To get access one must go to the NRG Store  http://alturl.com/ntqf7  and supply your Model Ship World (MSW) user name and proceed to pay the $5.00 charge. Upon receipt of the payment the NRG Office will notify Chuck to grant access to you.  Chuck will permit access and then send you a Private Message (PM) on MSW.  Please allow a few days for the PM as Chuck is the only one able to provide access.


Once you have access you can access and download the plans at any time – your access is perpetual.


We are glad to be able to reopen access and hope to see some new build logs soon.



you will know when you have been given access.  A previously hidden link in the Group Projects Menu at the top of the forum will suddenly appear and you will have access to them.  It is called


"The HMS Triton Downloads "


I have already given access to three new Triton builders.  Remember....you will not be given printed plans....


Five bucks gets you access to the downloads.....as I have already received a few questions on how fast the printed plans will be delivered.   There are NO printed plans.  You will need to print them on your own for your own personal use ONLY.


PLEASE NOTE:  Orders will not be accepted to any persons with an address from China or Russia.




Kurt Van Dahm






Nautical Research & Model Ship Society of Chicago

Midwest Model Shipwrights

North Shore Deadeyes

The Society of Model Shipwrights

Butch O'Hare - IPMS

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I downloaded the full build Triton in January of 2017. I have been going through the file list of the Triton full build drawing list and have found that several of the drawings are missing. Is there a way that I can get the missing PDF's for the build. Missing are belfry layout, binnacle, capstan details, capstan layout, wheel. 9poundercgn and carriage, stem 48 1, tapered keel, alternate aft deadwood, taffarel rev1,rudder, and  rudder iron work. These are the ones that I don't have. Can you help me out??

Current build Mare Nostrum

W. Churchill


Starting Projects Triton full build and creating a build log.

Triton sectional build with build log.


Future builds Cutty Sark, Sea Witch, Virginia pilot boat 1805, Sultana Colonial Schooner 1767.

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Hi Mike,

I found the same thing when I started my build. As I was swiftly advised, you should find the missing drawings either in the 'cross section' download or fully drawn and explained in the NRG Articles database section  - on this site's home page, click on 'more' (top right).


Good luck with your build, and I look forward to following your progress.





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I've ordered and paid for the Triton plans on 1st of july, but I didnt recive any pm or noitiffication about how to download the plans... and i dont know where to find them Please let me know how i can get them..

Thank you


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