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Miniature table saw blade compatibility

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Short answer "yes" but you MUST use the Micromark adapter.   Note that Hobbymill used these (Thurston) on their Byrne's saw: http://www.thurstonmfg.com/cut-off-saws.html with the 1/2" hole.  

Have look here to link to Jeff's article on using the Thurston blades with the Byrne's saw (or any comparable saw): 


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Thanks Mark. The reason I asked the question was last week someone posted a thread complaining about the MicroMark saw accuracy. Some one responded that it was not the Saw primarily it was the blades cupping due to heat because they had no expansion slits. He stated the Byrnes blades had the expansion slits but never stated if they worked on the MicroMark or not. Then Someone mentioned the adapter. I go to the Byrnes site to look at the blades and none shown have the expansion slits. They are all the blades the previous mentioned article said not to use. Anyway I watched a video of the Byrnes saw in action and when the blade stopped there was an expansion slit visible on the carbide blade. All of this came up because the Hobby shop I go to ordered a Micro Mark Saw for me when I was only talking about it as I was still in the research stage. I was acutually leaning towards the Byrnes but I don't want to screw over the shop. If it doesn't work out I'll just sell it and get the Byrnes, but I am going to get the Byrnes Carbide blade.

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Hmm.... expansion slots?  From what I've seen, those only show up on the low tooth count blades.   Then again, I'm usually running the high tooth count "slitting" blades as I'm normally cutting thinner wood.  One of the key things is to make the cut, shut down and check the blade temperature.  I do very limited runs unless it's mass cutting for say, frame blanks.  Even then, I didn't have heat build up.

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