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How To Make Mini Cutting Machine Cut Popsicle Sticks

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Not long ago I ask how to cut a piece of 30mm X 4mm X 4mm into four equal parts and received many great ideas.

Just now I found a video on YouTube "How To Make Mini Cutting Machine Cut Popsicle Sticks". I haven't made one but I admire the creative thoughts of some people.

I have downloaded this and hopefully I can upload it here.



How To Make Mini Cutting Machine Cut Popsicle Sticks.webm


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31 minutes ago, Gregory said:

Something like this:


12V Motor on Amazon


Power supply


Just search for 12v DC motor..



Thanks for the info. So it would cost about $20.00 plus some styren or wood and a couple of connectors and a switch. One might even run it on eight D-cells if you didn't plan on using it much.


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I think I would look into hobby supply motors designed for either model aircraft or cars. Preferably one with high torque abilities. Same for the power supply. I don't think 24 watts would quite be up to the job. You could also get quite a lot of work done just using battery packs. Keep a spair pack handy and you could be quick charging one set while using the other.


I also agree that making a proper table/base would make a much more useful tool even though a 1/4" table might be a little thick considering the small diameter of the blade.


I wonder just how refined one could make something like this for use in small stock cutting jobs and ripping planks from wider stock?



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Hello Gregory


A fence could just be another Popsicle stick cut to length and taped in place. A miter guide could almost be as simple even though I suppose you would need to cut a groove in the table and design a way to set the angle of the guide, all in miniature. I admit the higher cost of the higher quality motor and power source could run the cost up some but the rest of the build could be made from a sheet or two of 1/8" ply. About $6 per sheet at JOANNs for a 12' X 24". Kind of like a working model of a table saw.


Another way would be to use a Dremel flexible  shaft extension instead of the motor/power supply.




Almost all of us already have a rotary tool of some type laying about and the extension would run you less than $8. Doing it that way would also make the mounting easier and less costly as it would just be a matter of of chucking it up and turning it on. If you also made it hinge mounted you could then adjust the height and by changing the saw blade for a sanding wheel could also plane the wood thickness.


Yes, all of these modifications have made a departure from the quick hot melt glue and scrap plastic approach, but for about the same cost but why build a somewhat useless toy when with a little more care and work you could possibly end up with something very usable for this hobby?



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