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New Member from Sunny Southern California.


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Good Afternoon All,

My Name is Ruben. I reside in Beautiful Sunny Southern California. I am a beginner when it comes to Wooden Models. I built quite a few plastic ones in the very distant past, never any wooden ones. I have always admired the wooden Tall Ship Models at various shows and museums and have always wanted to give them a go. I found this site and I think it is fantastic. I purchased the 18th Century English Longboat based on Model Expo’s description of it being a good starter kit. After reading several of the build logs for this boat I am feeling a bit intimidated. However, I will press on and complete it as best I can. I look forward to the gift of all the knowledge and Wisdom you all provide here.


Thank you in advance,


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Hi Ruben,


Have you looked into the Ship Modelers' Association that meets in Fullerton? I don't think they're terribly far from you and there's a lot of great talent there. I recommend making one of their meetings. I maintain a membership with the group, but I live in Northern California, so I've never made one of their meetings.

Together with this site, I think you'll get lots of good help and inspiration on on your ship model project. You can find their website at http://shipmodelersassociation.org.





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Thanks for all the plugs for our club guys. You would really benefit from attending a few meetings. We meet  on the third Wednesday of every month. at the Red Cross Building near Fullerton College. In addition to the up close personal help we have a table at the back that sells books and things that have been donated by other members for pennies on the dollar. We also have an auction once a year where you can pick up models, books, tools and equipment. If you go on line to http://www.shipmodelersassociation.org/index.html You can see the latest newsletter and get a feel of what the meetings are like. We usually have 30 or 40 people at each meeting. My contact information is on the first page of the newsletter if you have any questions. I'm in Rome right now but will be back in a week.

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