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Niagara pinrails reinforcements


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There is a pic posted by AON in the Nautical General Discussion forum of a pinrail on the Niagara, copied below. 


Notice the black lines run down from the pinrails to the ceiling near the deck. Is this reinforcing for the pinrail?  Given the huge forces imposed onto the pinrails by half a dozen lines from the running rigging, I am surprised that this isn't more common. I've never seen this depicted on models. 


Lacking these reinforcements, does anyone have detail of how the pinrails were joined to timberheads?  Must have been one strong joint ... dovetailed with several pins?  





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Here is a little tip I posted about this ..


Pin rail Tip


Probably not real practice, but effective on models IMO..

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Steve - yes those black pieces are supports. I would make those along with some wire shoved into the back side of the rail and into the bulwark. That will add some reinforcement from 2 different angles.

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