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Also from Colorado


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Hello,  I've been in a member of this site for some time, but not actively following.  I have been building models since I was a kid, and have always been attracted to sailing ships and airplanes.  I build mostly plastic but have several wood ship kits in my stash as well.  I like the larger scale models and usually get a lot of aftermarket kits for them to add detail and realism.  

 I have build Revell's Constitution 1:96 scale, the Thermopylae, Heller's Bireme Emperator, Soleil Royal, Royal Louis, Le Chebec. 

In wood I have a French fishman and the Constitution cross section in progress (did dumb things like replace the green woodchips that came with the kit with individual copper plates made from copper sheet with scribe bolts.  etc.  


Currently working on a little Heller 1/400 scale Narvik class destroyer Z-31.  

I tend to collect older kits, have most of the Heller Sailing ships, including HMS victory, Soleil Royal, Chebec, Realle de France, and many others.  Also have the Constitution, United States, Susquehana, CSS Alabama, and many others in the stash.

More projects to do than I have time, but I enjoy the craft.


Will get around to posting some more pictures of the Chebec, see my profile pic.  



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After reading Moby Dick at twelve in '62 I was also drawn to plastic model ships. What drew me was the standing and running rigging. That each line has a special name was fascinating. I am awaiting the D'Agostini Wasa, billed as the most accurate kit. Who cares if it takes years. When my son returns from Korea on his retirement tour his daughter is a photographer and I'm sure she'll teach me how to take pictures.

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