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Can someone explain to me which flag is flying on the Mainmast.... I guess its a british flag... A Queens flag maybe... but on which ocassion would that flag fly on the mainmast?


Ps. the ship is Sir Winston Churchill still in uk ownership, before sold to greek ownership


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That is from a painting by John Dews the Yorkshire Marine artist, depicting the Sir Winston Churchill off Whitby.

She is wearing the Flag of St George, the English Flag.

As she is not a naval vessel, where the flag and position may have more relevance, it may simply be indicative that she is an English ship.

At the stern she wears the Red Ensign, of the British merchant marine.




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The cross of St George relates specifically to England - a red cross on a white background.


The "Union Jack" - the flag of Great Britain


Image result for cross of st patrick


- is a combination of the Cross of St George (England),



with Scotland's cross of St Andrew - white saltire (diagonal cross) on a dark blue background and Ireland's Cross of St Patrick (red saltire on a white background)



Image result for cross of st patrick





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