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Kits with fewer Cast Metal parts.


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I am very new at model ship building however, I can already see one aspect of the hobby that bothers me. That is the increasing use of cast metal parts by some kit manufacturers to replace parts that were and should be made of wood. While I guess I understand the reasoning behind it and it does give me a chance to add a little touch of my own to an otherwise generic kit. I was still wondering if there was a manufacturer of "quality" kits that uses less metal than others?




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If you carve your own parts and then cast them from your own originals the parts are still considered original work. Its not too difficult to cast resin parts and theres a ton of material on how to on the net. But I agree that a lot of the metal kit parts are a little crude. The General public will probably not notice the difference though.

Bill, in Idaho

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Thanks Bill but I think you misunderstood my point. My goal is to find those kit manufacturers that have no or at least as few cast parts as possible. I just prefer working with real wood over metal or plastic.


As for the general public I doubt that any of my efforts at modeling would ever be viewed by the general public. Unless you count the Admiral who has to dust them.


Best Regards

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Detailed wood parts would really drive up the cost of a kit.

I have looked at a lot of kits over the years, and I don't recall any kit, at any price,

that included detailed wood parts.

The closest thing that I am aware of, are the kits that Chuck sells at his store. Syren Ship Model Company


He has items such as this Windlass which is part of the ' Cheerful ' package, but would not be out of place on a lot of ships at the same scale.




There are tons of ideas on this Forum for fabricating your own parts.


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