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newbee returning


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Hi everyone,

I have been absent a few years. I just read the "Cautionary tale" story and it is a great one.

Let me first say, my disappearance was not due to taking on more than I can handle,not yet any ways,ha ha,,

I got distracted with other issues, hobbies and such. Then I was asked to build the constitution for theDistrict Atty, in my area, 

He's a friend so I accepted, but being a novice, I decided to build the popular Revell 1/96 kit.

i was working on the uss syren blue jacket kit before I vanished, I got as far as planking and then the interruptions came.

So, it is possible I am one of the 12 mentioned ha, ha,,.

I started the constitution and that has been a long, and  interrupted project too, Im rigging it now, and will post some pics of it in the plastic model forum.

Anyway, It is great to be back, I enjoy this website and when the plastic model constitution is done, I will get back to the Syren.

So Happy modeling everyone


Stevie D

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