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If you would be so kind, please let us know a little more.


What is your name? 

What ship?  Is it a kit, POF, or POB?   Different solutions depending on the type of build.   


You will surely get some responses, but need to share a little more information.


Thanks and welcome to MSW



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I presume you are building the Model Shipways kit.  If so, I found the manual at http://modelexpo-online.com/assets/images/documents/MS2018-Flying_Fish-Instructions-Complete.pdf .  On page 24 Figure 36B there is a good illustration.  The knightheads are the two timbers on either side of the opening for the bowsprit and each one receives an eyebolt.  The Figure gives a profile and top view of the piece you are asked to make.  The exact shape will be determined by your own model so the process is to cut and fit, sand, fit, shape again, fit, etc. until the timbers are in place.  I do not have the plans, but the manual points you in the right direction.  On the actual vessel, the knightheads extend from the rail level down along the side of the stem to a place well below the water line.  On your model they are represented with only the visible portion above the deck.  When you install them make sure they are secure as they will have quite a bit of strain on them from the fore stay that attaches to the eyebolts.


It is unclear to me what your exact question might be, but maybe the above helps.  



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I traced it directly off the plans and then cut out a pattern from a fairly rigid piece of poster board.  I then traced the outline on a piece of basswood of proper thickness which I purchased at a local craft's store.  I then used the scroll saw to cut out the rail and I fit it to the hull with sandpaper and a very sharp Exacto knife.  The outboard edge of the rail needs to be angled to conform to the curve of the hull.  You can eyeball the edge angle by comparing to the curve of the bulkheads and carry that curve up the edge of the rail (before you glue it in place!).

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