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Which ship?   Makes a difference as to size, shape, etc. If you're using wood, bending can be done via water and heat although there's been a lot of discussion lately on bending planking (use the search for blank bending and you'll see what I mean).  The size (thickness) of the material could me that the wood should be cut rather than bent if it's too large and doesn't work well. 


As for wood... another "depends" moment.  Pick a wood that will match/contrast or look good with the rest of the ship.

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Hi bluenose2,


I believe the original Endeavour didn't have bumpkins fitted. For certain the replica has the foretacks led to a block on top of the catheads. I'm sure that they would have got this right. I think that where boomkins would have been fitted the foretack fouled on the catheads due to their position. Google HMS Endeavour and you will find many pix,some showing this lead of the foretack. The ones shot from just aft of the windlass show this best. That I'm sure is why there is nothing on the plans about them.


There was a short discussion about this a couple of years ago,in one of the build logs as I recall.


Dave :dancetl6:

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