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    While working on my modified MS 1:96 scale version of the “Phantom” I found that I needed to make three very small turnbuckles. (They were referred to as stretching screws on the plan.)  I had bought some brass telescoping thin wall tubing previously for making yard bands and thought up a way to use them to make a fairly realistic fitting.  I took some 1.3 mm brass tubing that was just big enough to allow an eye bolt that came with the kit to slip into it.  Then I used the 1.8 mm brass tubing (the next size up) that the 1.3 mm tube could be slipped inside of that for the main body of the turnbuckle.


 I marked the length of the 1.8 mm tube and the length of the opening with a felt pen. 


 Taking the 1.8 mm tube to my vise, I cut out the open areas on both sides with a fine narrow file.


 I cut  the 1.8 mm tube to length for the main body and cut a pair of short lengths of the 1.3  mm tube for the inside ends of the turnbuckle. Taking the five pieces to my soldering block, I applied flux to the shortened eye bolt stems and the outside of the 1.3 mm tube. 


The pieces were then assembled together and stretched out on the block with a couple of toothpicks stuck through the eye bolt holes to hold it steady.



 I cut some small flakes of solder and placed them at the ends of the turnbuckle body and applied my soldering iron to the 1.8 mm tube.  After it cooled off I just cleaned up the ends with a fine file and blackened it.  While the fitting still seemed a little large to me, I was quite satisfied with it.  By varying the size of the components the size of the turnbuckles can readily be adjusted for various other scales.



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