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Ugears tram


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I have seen this before and now I have bought one to see how it looks.

It is Ugears and they have a lot of items all ready.

I bought the tram but there are also a jeep, windmill, oldtimer car and a few other things.

It is from wood and it is a kit.

You don't need glue or nails.

And when it is finished it will work.

I'm curious about it.

Ugrears box.jpg

Ugears manuel.jpg

Ugrears 5 sheets.jpg

Ugears 1 sheet.jpg

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Hi Sjors,

I also saw the ugears video on Model expos site and was also intriqued by all the action created by the engineering of the drive components. The U-9 Grand Prix car arrived last Thursday and I'm looking forward to assembling it. The wood seems a good quality ply and the laser cuts look perfect. The assembly manual is in 11 different languages and instructions are basic sentences accompanied by clever diagrams of each part showing the direction of the motion witch joins part to part.


Enjoy your tram,

Pythagoras (Tom)



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@ Tom,


I see that car also and I really like the jeep and money safe!

But first a small and cheap thing to start with.

When I like it I can go further....


The first parts are assembled.

2 axels and I think the bottom and something else.

At the end it will all come together .

Easy to make.

Just put them together and I can do it in the living room because there is no dust form cutting and sanding.....yippie!









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