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Annapolis Wherry scale model from CLC


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Taking a break from building Bluejacket's Portland, I decided to build Chesapeake Light Craft's Annapolis Wherry. I hadn't seen any of their models on

MSW so this might be a first showing. The model is 26.5 inches long and uses CA glue exclusively throughout. Every part is laser cut. This is a stitch and

glue model following their technique on the full size wherry. Was a pleasure to build but not for a beginner. Their web site explains it more thoroughly

and even points to a fast frame video for reference.


John Elwood

IMG_0011_opt (2).jpg

IMG_0012_opt (2).jpg

IMG_0014_opt (2).jpg


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I saw the picture of this beauty that you posted on the "snapshot" thread.  Really elegant looking little boat.   I watched the assembly video on their website, looks like an interesting build.  I definitely like the way you finished out the interior with stain better than what they ended up with in the video.   And I happen to have an almost perfect empty bookshelf for it.....hmm, really tempting to try this one myself.

- Gary


Current Build: Artesania Latina Sopwith Camel

Completed Builds: Blue Jacket America 1/48th  Annapolis Wherry


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