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Anyone Know of a Book Detailing the Captains Cabin...

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I've looked through all my books and my collection of old Model Shipbuilder magazines but I have never seen any information about

details of the Captains' Cabin for ships of war built during the late 1700's.  I'm curious how the furniture was broken down and stored when

clearing for action.  I know that some captains had their possessions placed in a gig and dropped behind the ship, but I'm looking for

furniture locations and how it was broke down and removed.  Books or articles with pictures would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for any suggestions anyone may offer,


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I don't think there was a standard way as such.  The bulkheads (panels) separating the captain's quarters from the main area one some ships were hinged and swung up the upper deck beams.  Others were removed and sent below.   Furniture would have been broken down if that's the way it was made or left intact and sent down.  I don't know how common the practice of putting the goods into the ship's boats was and it would seem that would be asking for trouble.

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