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Vasa by Snoepert - FINISHED - De Agostini

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Just had a major 7 week vacation through Europe and arrived home to find the first of 12 packs from England for the Vasa kit.

I saw the original Vasa in Sweden in 2012 and always wished I could get this ship for my collection and to my surprise England has the kit and allowed us guys down under to purchase direct.

I am exited to see the parts are of the same high standard as the Souvereign of the Seas I finshed early this year.

photo’s will follow when i commence serious construction 

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Nice work m8 I am building the same kit  B) . Just a little heads up, I don't know if you are painting or staining the hull but the top of the ribs are painted or stained later in the build after the deck is planked but if you do it now you won't have to mask of the deck . Looking forward to your next update 


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Can anyone advise if the nailing shown on the model advertising the DeAgostini kit is a random nail system and can explain the philosophy behind the nailing.

I think it looks great this way stained not painted but it could mean a long process nailing.

maybe the nailing could also be done on the painted version.



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