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Paint color suggestions for La Fayette Hermione

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I'm building the La Fayette Hermoine and am trying to find the right red/orange color for the trim, railings, etc. Any suggestions? I looked for the right color in model master acrylics at the local hobby store and everything is too red or too orange. I'm guessing I'll need to mix my own. Just wondering if anyone has done this ship before and found a combination that works.


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If the paint is too bright, put some red in a an old lid and add one or two drops at a time of black to darken it.  I haven't done model painting in a long time and recalling what I did with the old enamel paints.


Many paint stores (home improvement type) here in the States have machines that can take a color swatch (say the picture of the red you need) and then give you the "mix" of colors.   The catch will be translating from house paint to the model paint in the hobby shop.

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if you have the A/L model there is a list in the kit which are the original colors used for the replica. This list was taken out from the drawings (now in Greenwich museum)  of the original ship. The list refers to "Pantone" color numbers, but a model designer of A/L was kind enough to send me the coresponding "Vallejo" paint numbers.


So if you need any of the lists please tell me so.



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Nº1 Pantone 7401 - Vallejo Model Color 70837
Nº2 Pantone Pro Black - VMC 70950
Nº3 Pantone 7509 - VMC 70927
Nº4 Pantone 7406 - VMC 70953
Nº5 Pantone 120 - VMC 70949
Nº6 Pantone 2728 - VMC 70930
Nº7 Pantone 180 - VMC 70908
Nº8 White - VMC 70951
Nª9 Pantone 428 - VMC 70989
Nº11 Pantone 556 - VMC 70838

Pantone copia.jpg

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