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I will eventually sell my entire ship model reference collection...except for these Model Shipwright books (and of course our Swan series 😉 ). They represent the best examples of writing, construction and collection of esteemed authors (Hahn, McNarry, McCallup, White, Antscherl, etc) that our hobby has offered since the 1970s. I don't believe they will ever be digitized so I shall happily read them in my old age, with trifocals, reminiscing about the golden age of ship model making.


BTW, most of these are available on the Advanced Book Exchange for 5-10$ each. So Nav is offering them at an exceptional price.


Admiralty Models

moderator Echo Cross-section build
Admiralty Models Cross-section Build

Finished build
Pegasus, 1776, cross-section

Current build
Speedwell, 1752

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