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Byrnes thickness sander

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Just received my Byrnes thickness sander and gave it a “road test” this morning. Just like all his tools it’s solidly built, runs very smoothly and with the ability to have two different grits installed should you need to remove lots of material, you can run it through the coarse grit side then fine tune the thickness on the finer grit side.

Also, I found that the fine dust produced can be used as a wood filler when mixed with a little adhesive giving you the same filler as the wood you are building with.

It now sits next to my Byrnes table saw and disk sander. 


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We are a society of "accumulating things", yet when you work with quality products such as the Byrnes line of tools it is not so. I have owned, for example the Preac table saw. Which, in itself was a decent product, but limited. Now that I own both the table saw and thickness sander I have come to appreciate them more with each use. They are peerless!


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