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Bonjour from central France


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Bonjour and G'day.

I'm a wargamer and figure painter in my off hours, and have recently been scratchbuilding (and kitbashing) a few half-timbered houses, but I wound up here since I've gotten it into my head to scratchbuild several viking longships, knarr or other early-medieval ships, most likely as waterline models for use on the gaming table. I'm really keen on making good-looking well-painted models that are as historically accurate as possible. I don't know to what extent this goal might seem heretical to you hard-core ship modellers, but hey, thought I'd throw this right out there.


I've just started poking around this site, but if anyone can point me towards resources for knarrs and longships, that would be a great help. I'm thinking that if I build waterline models that don't have removable decking, then I don't have to get quite as elaborate with the ribs and strakes as I'd otherwise be tempted to do.


Well, that's my story, and I'm sticking with it. <g>


Cheers,    --- Phil from France

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Thanks for the warm welcome!


I've already found a wealth of information here, including:



And especially this brilliant project by Jack Panzeca:

With craftsmen like this on these boards, I can see I'm going to have to up my game!


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