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Need advice on CAD and CNC software

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Welcome, Peter.


I can't answer your question, but I edited the title so that perhaps you'll have a better chance at a nibble. I know that there are members who use that sort of technology, but not a lot of them. It might take a bit of time for one of them to respond. In the meantime, try browsing through the CAD section of the forum to see if you can find some info there.



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Hi, There isn't easy answer. Your question is too wide. Will you use CNC only for 2D cutting or do you need 2.5D or 3D tool or do you want to use also rotary axis (4 axis)?


This is important question because this influences CAD and CAM software too. 😉


I use Fusion 360 and 4 axis CNC Machine. But you can use only any 2D CAD and CamBam for example.

I used SketchUp too with CAM plugin.


There Is many possibilities and there is also question how much you can pay for it. 😎

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I just experimented with Fusion 360 after working with TurboCad Mac for a few years (the latest upgrade for TurboCad includes CAM, I understand; my version does not). Fusion is definitely more elegant and powerful. It is still not clear to me from the website that the free license is renewable, and so I am a little hesitant to invest a lot of time into creating models with this if it eventually goes away. It has extensive and free training videos.



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