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  1. Thanks for answer. You have confirmed my opinion. Shapr is interesting tool and it can be great in future. I hope it will be. But now it is good for modelling parts not all ships
  2. Yes, I have a question. The base one is about usability of Shapr3D. Work is intuitive and really simple. But hulls are complex shape and construction. So. My question is what kind of model I can use for? Only for some parts of model or I can create whole ship. Second question is about any tips. I used several CAD and 3D software, so I can find my way. But I know every CAD has own way of proceeding. So. I will appreciate any tip for ship modeling in this CAD. Thanks.
  3. Has anybody any experience with CAD named Shapr3D please? Link is here: https://www.shapr3d.com/
  4. @bruce d: thanks for sending of photos and link. They are helpful!
  5. I hope somebody has something. ;o) I have only ilustration of ruddle house on a French brig around 1806 from book The Global Schooner (KH Marquardt).
  6. @iMustBeCrazy: Thanks for it and your wilingness to help. I appreciate it. I haven't expressed in my previous question well. My mistake. I asked for period (historic) example of construction --> photo of any solution on model, ilustration from book etc.
  7. Has anybody any photo or drawing how it vám look please?
  8. I have a question about construction around top rudder bellow steering lever You can see it on plan. Do anybody know what it is please? How it looks like? Is it only iron strip holding top end of sternpost or any wooden case or anything else?
  9. Daniel, great job! I enjoy your precious work and look forward to your next progress. ;)
  10. Hi, There isn't easy answer. Your question is too wide. Will you use CNC only for 2D cutting or do you need 2.5D or 3D tool or do you want to use also rotary axis (4 axis)? This is important question because this influences CAD and CAM software too. 😉 I use Fusion 360 and 4 axis CNC Machine. But you can use only any 2D CAD and CamBam for example. I used SketchUp too with CAM plugin. There Is many possibilities and there is also question how much you can pay for it. 😎
  11. Great job! I like it and enjoy for every new photos from your building. Let me know. I see your machine. What is it? Is it a drill or cnc or milling machine?
  12. Great job! I have the book Plank-On-Frame Models. And several times I am thinking about this ship too. So, I am looking forward to your progress!
  13. Thanks for answer. I have built a boat from ABS several years ago (not 3D print) and I did the paint. ;o) Have you thought about ABS or ASA? I ask because I also think about 3D printed boat and I am looking for some answers what is experience with different materials.
  14. It's interesting. I have a question. I suppost by your notes you use for print PLA filament. I red at different forums and web articles that PLA isn't well resist at UV and high teperatures. How you protect your ship before UV? Do you have any tip or experiencies?
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