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Can I use CA glue to join two painted surfaces?

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If there was going to be any kind of stress on the joint, say like rigging lines pulled taut. I would sand it before I applied the CA. In this case a little dot to CA on the rear trucks will hold, just apply and a little downward pressure. I do it for all my guns and it works. You could also use PVA but it takes longer to set and it is a little weaker joint. IMO.

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Thanks for the replies guys.


I think I will just have to byte the bullet and remove the paint on the deck and on bottom of the cannon wheels. I feel that will make the strongest bond.

Mainly i'm afraid of bumping a cannon barrel and knocking one loose after the top deck is already in place. 

I saw on here someone had made a template of the cannon wheel locations. and used it to locate where the paint needed to be removed. I think I will make up something like that. 


Thanks for the help, Ozark

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Thanks for the input guy's.

I ended up placing the cannon in the correct position and drew a line next to each wheel, then used a dremel to remove the paint on the deck.

I figure if at least 3 of the wheels get a good bond it should be ok. 


Yes I know, don't laugh at my first attempt at weathering a deck. I should have taken more time flushing up the joints. I ended up sanding all the way thru to the plastic and had to repaint at the joints.  I will have to do a better job on the top deck for sure.


Thanks, Ozark 

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