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Can I use CA glue to join two painted surfaces?

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If there was going to be any kind of stress on the joint, say like rigging lines pulled taut. I would sand it before I applied the CA. In this case a little dot to CA on the rear trucks will hold, just apply and a little downward pressure. I do it for all my guns and it works. You could also use PVA but it takes longer to set and it is a little weaker joint. IMO.


Jim Rogers


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    I'm not sure, but wouldn't that just be gluing paint to paint?  The Testors cement essentially welds the plastic and thus would create a much stronger bond.  But then again how much stress is actually applied to the canons?


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Thanks for the replies guys.


I think I will just have to byte the bullet and remove the paint on the deck and on bottom of the cannon wheels. I feel that will make the strongest bond.

Mainly i'm afraid of bumping a cannon barrel and knocking one loose after the top deck is already in place. 

I saw on here someone had made a template of the cannon wheel locations. and used it to locate where the paint needed to be removed. I think I will make up something like that. 


Thanks for the help, Ozark

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If it's wood, use wood glue.  If it's plastic, use plastic glue.    Wood glue will penetrate the wood (after getting rid of the paint) and plastic glue actually "melts" the plastic slightly and makes a strong bond.

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Thanks for the input guy's.

I ended up placing the cannon in the correct position and drew a line next to each wheel, then used a dremel to remove the paint on the deck.

I figure if at least 3 of the wheels get a good bond it should be ok. 


Yes I know, don't laugh at my first attempt at weathering a deck. I should have taken more time flushing up the joints. I ended up sanding all the way thru to the plastic and had to repaint at the joints.  I will have to do a better job on the top deck for sure.


Thanks, Ozark 

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