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Hello from Southern California!


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Hi Everyone!


I joined this forum a few years ago after I had purchased my first kits. I was in college at the time and did not realize the commitment these ships take. Without a reliable work space, I just never really got going. Now that I am well into the real world, I am thinking about opening those models back up. My grandfather built a few model ships and I think it would be a great way to connect with him as he is getting quite old. 


I know there are SO many incredible logs on here to reference. Before I start, I want to do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions. I am as GREEN as they come.


I have both the Model Shipways Sultana and Phantom. Does anybody have a recommendation of which one to start with? Ive seen great logs for both but would love input! 



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Welcome to MSW, Andrea.   Once you decide which kit, do by all means open a build log.  It's the best way to get help and also to make friends.


As for which kit?  Let me ask this... which one interests you more?  There's an article in the Database which might help:  http://modelshipworldforum.com/resources/plans_and_research/KitSelection.pdf.   I'm not one to talk as my first "purchased but not built kit" was the Billing Vasa.   Oops...  hasty retreat to a very basic model then a step up to a AI brig)....  Been a fun adventure.   Keep it fun and use MSW as a resource.


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    From where in SoCal do you hail?  If you are interested in getting involved with a club, there are a couple available.  One in San Diego and one in the L.A. area.


    Both PHANTOM and SULTANA are great starter kits.  I prefer SULTANA because I am more into the colonial era but PHANTOM provides the same benefits and challenges.

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Gidday and welcome from the land Downunder Andrea.

Great advice from Chuck, if practical for you to have a look at a club.

You will find plenty of support and encouragement here.

Remember that every question, within reason, is valid. Although at times some questions are infuriating. Ask my grandchildren what I mean after 300 times of why, why, why.

All the best with your Phantom.


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