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Hull bottom paint/colour used in 1812 era


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I am in the process of building a POF model of a Provincial Marine brig, Netley. It was originally built, circa 1812, at the York, Upper Canada, ship yards as a schooner and named Prince Regent, refitted a year later and renamed General Beresford and finally refitted as the brig Netley. Other than finding her named on a list of British ships on the Great Lakes during the war of 1812, I have uncovered little else but a mention of her rig and armament. (I believe I have the naming sequence in the correct order)


I think I am correct in assuming copper plate was not used on the hulls of fresh water vessels so I am curious as to whether anyone might know what material and or paint colour might typically have been used on British ship's hulls during this period?




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Hmmm.... Bilge Rat not name.  Bilge Rat is job.  :P  I don't think you'd be far off either.  I think there's an article (might Google for it) on some of the 1812 era shipwrecks that might have more details.  I'm attaching one such article from Texas A&M (ok... graduate paper actually).



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My error, apologies Mr. Taylor. I did think it a strange moniker but totally missed the name in the header in nice large type, kinda like looking in the fridge and shouting to my wife "Where'd you put the milk?" "Right in front of your nose...".  


Thank you Mark for the link, I shall follow it up sir.

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