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How to establish the lenght of a deck plank?

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Hello Pirates,

I m ready to plank the lower deck of my Revenge by Amati and I was wandering what is the rule to calculate how long a plank on the deck should be.

the scale of the kit is 1:64, I do not have a clue hoe long in real life the planks usually are.

thank you in advance 

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If you look at the real deck planking patterns of the Vasa or the Mary Rose, you'll stop worrying about it :) It seems the driving concept of the period was to use whatever they had at hand, including 2 foot planks and wide planks and really narrow planks, fit together like the decks were done on All You Can Drink Free Beer day.

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Just look at the topic below ;)


In those days the hull planks were 4.2 to 5.2 meters long.

suppose that deck planks were 6.4m long (640 cm)

Then a deck plank  on scale 1/64 can be about 10 cm long maximum ( 4 inch).

The deck planking on my Golden Hind will have bits and pieces. :wacko::blush:


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41 minutes ago, pontiachedmark said:

Gidday olopa.

My two cents worth.

Based on the above comments and advice.

As long as you find the end result aesthetically pleasing you have found your answer.

I hope I haven't confused the issue.

All the best with your build.


thank Mark

more or less this is my view as well but i donnt 

want to end up with a build that i like but looks ridiculously out of contest or proportion.

and i dont have enough experience, yet, to know what the boundaries are.

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