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Rebonjour or re-hello to all


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Hi all.

After a very long break I re-enter this great forum with a building log of HMS Bellona.

My first posts have been somewhere in the beginning of 2015 and after this long break I realise that I haven't had the decency to introduce myself properly. So here goes.

My name is Pieter, I'm a retired physio, Dutch but not fanatically so. I have lived in Switzerland for over 30 years and a few years ago I have been adopted as a Breton in the beautiful part of France called la Bretagne. Close to the sea, close to some very nice and famous harbours. 

I've not built many models (a clipper-like model that goes under many names, a botter, the Gretel, the SF one -took me 18 years ... - ) and I took my time to make all the mistakes one can make. Now I feel nothing can go wrong when I tackle the Bellona. Well, ahem, I've erred before ...

I am looking very much forward to this project. Parallel to this I am working on fun project: a Dutch Clog-a-War. I am rigging a size 12 clog in the fashion of a 18th century armed 2-master. If the mods don't find it too silly I will start a building log.  We'll see.

Thanks for reading and thank you all for this wonderful forum!




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