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hello all


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Greetings all. new to the site and happy to be here. i'm not exactly new to ship building or modelling, but there is always more to learn and i have a million questions! i tend to respond to subjects aesthetically and thus my interests cross many disciplines, eras and subjects. i build air, armour, space, sci fi etc but my real passion lies in the ship yard.  i have typically built in 1/700 scale with WW ll IJN as a subject- there's just something about those giant pagoda towers and aircraft carriers- and have a few that i am currently working on. i look forward to sharing some of the process with any who are interested. i have yet to rig a ship and i think that is where a great deal of my focus will be in regards to the questions i have.

A new area of interest is in paper model kits. studio time has been extremely limited the last couple of years with work, family and the typical excuses so i wanted to be able to build without the need for fillers, airbrushing etc. something i could literally do at the kitchen table and encourage my 8 year old to participate in. i have recently purchased a couple of JSC 1/400 scale kits and think that i have a reasonable shot at deciphering the instructions- however i see a bunch of questions and assistance rearing their heads in the near future.

i have included a couple of photos from recent builds of 1- the Yamashiro, the fuso (nearing completion) and a couple of others showing scale and detail shots. looking forward to sharing my work and hearing back from those interested.




IMG_0496 2.27.20 PM.jpg

IMG_0482 2.25.30 PM.jpg

IMG_0501 2.25.30 PM.jpg

IMG_0450 2.25.30 PM.jpg

IMG_0575 2.27.20 PM.jpg

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Gidday Kirk and a warm welcome from the Land Downunder.

There are a few card modelers on this site.

If you do a search in the build logs you may find your kits listed.

What a wonderful idea to have your son as an apprentice. 

You will find a wealth of knowledge here in all mediums and scales.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavours.


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