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Hello from Southern California!


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Hello all! I'm an Italian archaeologist living and working in San Diego, California. In school I used to love to build plastic WWII ship and airplane models, and I also used to make Warhammer figurines and vehicles. I stopped in University though as I couldn't bring my tools and kits with me easily. Then I started working and got married - so it's been about 12 years since I made a physical model!


About 1.5 years ago I was in Denmark visiting my brother, and me and the Admiral (also an archaeologist) went to the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum. Seeing all those ship reconstructions and models inspired me. I decided to get back in to modeling, but I felt like trying wood this time as I've always admired wooden ship models. I really wanted to do one of the Skuldelev ships on display at the Viking Ship Museum. Looking online I saw that Dusek does a 1/72 scale model inspired by Skuldelev 2, the large 11th century Viking longship wreck. Last week I finally pulled the trigger and bought it - I will be starting a log for it, very excited! I'm afraid it's going to be a steep learning curve though, since I'm quite rusty!


I've also been browsing these forums for the past week, and I've been super impressed by the models on display. You guys have some crazy good skills!


I didn't completely stop modeling however - I've just been doing it in 3D. For those interested, here's a model of Skuldelev 5 I've been working on, the smaller of the Skuldelev Viking longship wrecks:



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Gidday Binho and a warm welcome from the Land Downunder.

You will find an enormous amount of modelling knowledge and expertise here.

We all undergo a learning curve in some way in this fantastic pastime if we didn't life would be very mundane.

I am looking forward to your build log of a very interesting subject.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavours.


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Hey Dick, my specialty is in Roman Frontiers! Day to day I work in California though, mainly with local Native American prehistory and some 19th-20th century european history.


Been interested in nautical archaeology since I saw the Batavia as a kid growing up in the Netherlands. The interest was reignited a few years ago when I went to a series of talks at Oxford about the bronze naval rams from the Egadi battle site in Sicily.

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