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Fibre glass pens

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Found these on Amazon and thought I would try them, perfect for sanding in small areas and difficult to reach places, I purchased 4 and 2mm and they seem to work really well even on painted areas, the dust is probably not Good for your your skin though


I have to say I'm really quite impressed with them and they leave a nice smooth surface on the wood or paint with light rubbing



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Very handy items Paul, I use them to prepare brass for blackening also.  The 'dust' fibres are just as bad as small cactus fruit burrs once they stick into your skin, they are a devil to get out (see for a starter) so I usually wear rubber gloves when using them.  Don't ask me how I know about the cactus fruit ;) 





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They used to be a standard implement in any drawing-office at the time when they worked with ink on transparent paper - as an eraser. Had one from my university time and re-assigned it to the workshop a long time ago. Keep the protruding fibres short, that makes the dust less of a nuisance - it is the long fibres that can become itchy in shirt sleeves etc.*


Didn't know about the 2 mm variety and should look for it. There is another variety of about 10 mm diameter that is held together with a tighly wound thread and that is used by porcelain-painters to polish the gold paint after firing:




I also use the pen for preparing wires for soldering.



* if you ever moved around linoleum flooring with glass-fibre backing, then you won't complain about that little bit of dust ...



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