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San Juan Nepomuceno's ship's boat by stickyfinger - Artesania Latina - 1:25

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It's my time to try and keep regular updates on this build. I believe the kit I selected is a great start for someone who has never built model ships, and I really want to give as much documentation as I can. Maybe I can help someone!


I can't find much information about this boat. According to Artesania Latina it's the captains boat of the San Juan Nepomuceno. I would appreciate if anyone knows more about it.


I'm sorry about my poor english in advance. Let's get going! I attached a picture of the model kit.MVIMG_20190409_105835375.thumb.jpg.7b8e8b4c990a8d202ae90c95dee79ad6.jpg


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Good luck!


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So I started cutting out the keel and frame. I sanded the grooves on them and dryfitted all of it. When the frames were in place I noticed the keel is slightly bent. I disassembled everything and I'm trying to flatten the keel now.. 


Don't think the keel will be a problem. As long as the frames are aligned..?



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Do you know anyone with kids?  Most of them play (or have played) with Lego blocks. The big ones are very useful to fit the bulwarks in a 90° angle to the false keel. Clasp them on the keel and the bulwark and wait for the glue to dry. Also a build stand comes in handy and is easy to make.





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Some much wood so little time ...


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You can straighten your keelplate with a (steam) iron. Carefully “over” bending the wood in oppositie direction of the curve when the iron has heated the wood. You will see this works perfectly when doing this gentle...


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The keel straightened out almost perfectly. I just finished glueing the bulwarks. I'm hoping I won't have a problem with the slight curve later on. Can barely see it..


Now I sanded the grooves for the next part and dry fitted it. I need to go get some more wood glue, because the one I had was partly dried out.




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This little boat presents little problems that although fixable, are infuriating. Those glossy catalogue sequences obfuscate more than they reveal. No plans of course. I'll be following this in parallel; best of luck to you!


Edit: the Captain was Don Cosme Damián de Churruca y Elorza. He died during the battle of Trafalgar after showing enormous bravery. This kit is very close in design to the Bounty's boat, also by AL.



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Really looking forward to observe how you overcome the challenges I endured trying to get this going. I named it the SS Purgatory after days of fighting with it. AL's big problem with these kits were a lack of scale plans, but as they're bust, no hope of salvation on that front.


Best wishes,

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