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Euphroe rigging

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I'm starting the rigging of the Royal Caroline and would like to include euphroes on all masts. (I have the holes already drilled on the mast tops)

My research has gained me a little insight but nothing definitive about how to rig the euphroes to the mast tops. Diagrams that I have dont show how the  ropes are actually roved on the top or the euphroe. Seems some argument also about the holes and sequence.

Can anybody help!

Nick H



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Hello Nick,


This is what James Lees has to say about rigging the Euphroe and crowsfeet.


The rope is spliced around the strop of the Euphroe block, its other end reeving through the central hole in the rim of the top from above, up thro' the next hole to port, through the upper hole of the Euphroe block, up thro' the inner starboard hole in the top and so on until the end finally came out of the outer hole on the starboard side of the top.


There it was  hitched to the underpart of  the previous lead thro' the top.


The Euphroe tackle comprised a single block strapped to the Euphroe block and another seized to the stay. The standing part of the fall was made fast to the Upper block. The running part , after reeving thro' both blocks was either hitched to the stay below the lower block, or was made fast around the tackle.


Steel shows 23 holes around the rim of a 36 gun Frigate. The rigging line for crowsfeet was quite small ¾” circumference at full scale.


Hope this helps.




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Note that there are always a odd number of holes in the rim of the top, or reeving the line won't work out properly! One of these holes is always on the midline, of course.

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Nick this picture may help to understand euphroe (crowsfeet) rigging..


Many thanks,.... this just saved me........



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although this is an old article, it does answer a problem I have regarding euphroe tackle, I am assuming that these were made as I cannot see any for sale in the various suppliers, if so has anyone has anyone else made these and any suggestions would be most welcome, also a clearer idea of how they are attached to the standing rigging would be good. Thanks in advance to anyone that has information, 

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Making the euphroes is fun little project.   Close grained hard wood is important as there is a channel to be cut and a lot of holes to be drilled with even spacing.  The description by Blue Ensign based on Lees' Masting and Rigging and the sketch in the post from Twintrow on May 15, 2013 above describes and shows how it is rigged to a stay and a top.  If you still are having a difficult getting a grasp on this, what specifically do you need?  Below is a drawing based on the euphroe illustrated in Lees Masting and Rigging on page 168.   Lees also illustrates the rigging  as described in B.E.'s post above on pages 44 and 45.  Hope this is a little bit of help to you.





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