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Inforation on Falconer's Universal Dictionary of the Marine, 1815 (Hardcover)

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I am looking to get Falconer's Universal Dictionary of the Marine, 1815 (Hardcover).  In looking on the web, I have noticed at least two publishers.  One is Chattam  (spelling?) and the othe is the Naval Institute Press. I think both had a publication date of 2006.


Can anyone tell me if there is any difference between the two, or if one is better than the other?




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I admit that I haven't looked specifically at this, but books published by the US Naval Insittute in the US are frequently co-published by a different publisher in the UK.    In those cases the difference is mostly in the dustjacket.  Odds are that that's what you are seeing.   (If somebody out there has more specifics on the relationships between those publishers, I'd be interested in knowing.)  



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