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HMS Victory Cross Section by Thomas Y. - Corel - 1:98 Scale

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Hello everyone. This will by my first model kit log and I am very eager to get started. I have done a few kits in the past, made quite a few mistakes, and learned a lot. This however will be my first cross-section build.


It has been a couple years since I worked on a quality kit. I recently finished up my college degree, and I had no time before now to commit to such projects. This Corel Victory Cross Section seemed like a nice little project to refresh my skills before I start on my Model Shipways Syren, which is currently sitting on my shelf.



There wasn't very many build log's on MSW for this kit, so I am going to try to make a nice log here for future builders.

Anyway at this point I have un-boxed it, checked all the parts for quality, checked for missing parts, and preparing to get started.

I am going to try to do as frequent updates as possible on this log, so be sure to check back often. If anyone has worked on this kit in the past I would greatly appreciate any advice or anything to watch out for during the build.







The quality of this kit looks great. Instructions are a little hard to follow, but the 6 pages of plans are as accurate and as easy to read as any kit I have ever built. I am looking forward to diving in on this. 


More coming soon!

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Nice kit to get your skills up to date.. I have done exactly the same thing as you.

It's been a few years since I touched model ship building.

Adding the finishing touches to thr hull at the moment. No I did not make a build log as I am not much with a computer.

But I have taken loads of photos..

Are you going to build as per plan or are you going to bash it as its called on the forum's.

I bashed mine as I was following another victory cross section build.

I also brought some books to help with the Bashing.

Good luck with the build. As far as thinks to look out fore.. Quality of the work was OK.

Rigging blocks were replaced. With scale blocks and of much better quality.

Some of the fittings were not to scale..


I will start a log and post a few pictures later on tonight.


Regards Antony.

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Very small update. Sorted all of the kit parts, figured out wood sizes and bundled them together so it will be easier to find later. Attached the main frame, the keel, and the keelson. Next up inner planking up to the lowest deck. 


Does anyone have any plans or pictures of something that you use to sort wood with? I am thinking maybe small PVC pipes mounted to some sort of base. Label the pipes with masking tape for the different wood sizes and types for easy access later. If anyone has any input please let me know!


My attempt at organization



They did provide a nice to scale template.



Keel and Keelson attached.




I have just discovered Gorilla Wood Glue! Best wood glue I have used to date!


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Another update. Had a free day today, and got a lot done. I am enjoying this model immensely. 


Cutting out deck planking.



Deck framing, and support posts installed.



More views, Inside planking have been sanded and shaped. Just need to sand up a couple spots where I got a little carried away with the glue.





Closer view



Back to the grind tomorrow (hate Mondays)

More updates on the way.

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Looking good. Never tried the Gorilla glue. Might get some and do a few joins for testing.

HMS Victory Cross Section by Erebus and Terror Corel, has a build log and it's completed.

You are a quick builder :)


Regards Antony.


Edit and added :- When installing the decks..Watch that the frames don't get pushed out.

I used a piece of plywood as a correct distance spacer and has a few elastic bands around the top of the frames to keep it in position.

Edited by AntonyUK
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A photo if much easer than words to understand.

attachicon.gifVictory cross section small.JPG

This also has a hole for the Mast so I can check on alignment as I build.


Note that I have bashed the kit a little.


Regards Antony.

Hi Antony,


She's looking magnificent. I like the riders and the shot lockers - very similar to my own. Do you have a log for her yet? I can't seem to find one, but I hope you do post one.




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Yet another update.... things are chugging right along. 


I am also working on building a wood plant organizer with PVC piple, I will post some pictures when I have that finished up. 


I am currently working on "B" then up to the actual deck.







Things are obviously still a bit rough, and still require a good sand job.

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Hello Thomas and welcome aboard.  You're off to a fine start on your HMS Victory cross section and I wish you all the best with her.


I build the same kit back in '88 and still have her proudly displayed.  Took me some 25 years to get back to shipbuilding so lets hope you don't wait quite so long to jump into your next model!

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Well I have decided to stray from the printed instructions a bit. I am going to cut the gun ports before I do the outside planking, and before I finish the top deck, details etc. 


This is going to be the most stressful part of the process. Does anyone have any tips for cutting these ports? Should I go at it with the dremmel or files? Any tips would be great...



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Watch the height position of the gun ports. My plan put then a little low.

When I made up the guns I had to remove 3mm from the tops of the gun ports to make the guns fit correctly.

So make up one of each size cannons and check from the inside that it will run into the port.

As far as the cutting... Chain drill holes Keeping the drill at the same level as the decks.

Then with a Very Sharp knife remove the rest. As E&T did.


TIP :- When drilling put bit into drill then put a soft plastic tube on the drill bit to stop you drilling to deep and hitting deck furniture.

Acts as a depth stop.


Regards Antony.

Edited by AntonyUK
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Well the gun port cutting went slow but well. I did as you guys recommended, drilled holes, then cut with a knife. After that I filed and sanded until I was pleased with the squareness.


I also have done all the outside planking and started on the deck furniture/etc.


I stained and did around 3 coats of polyurethane on the base which turned out really well. I like the look for the base but I really don't want to stain the model or have that glass look.


I am not overly happy with the look of the wood on the model at this point. The quality seems ok, but as you can see in the pictures it just looks so dried out and just blah. Any suggestions on how to brighten it up a bit?? I need to find something more subtle then what I used on the base. Please help here!!!


Obviously still needs a little clean up from where I got over excited with my glue :)









Lastly the base picture. 


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Hello everyone! Update time!


Well I learned a valuable lesson, if you need eye bolts installed to rig cannons, do it before you put the next deck on lol! I had to get a little creative to get them in that for sure. A time sink!


I rubbed a satin poly into it to bring out the color a little bit. Worked out well!


Lots of detail done, currently working on the cannons. 









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Hi Thomas,


your Cross-Section is looking very good and the coloring is great what stain did you use??


But something is funny or strange........how do you build everything in??? I mean the cannons and the right rigging from them, the barrels etc. etc. that must be very difficult.....!!!


But good job until now, I like to look further

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Made some progress on this model, though I think things are going to come to a screeching halt. My Syren kit is calling my name, so for awhile I will have 2 going at the same time. Anyway I have assembled and mounted all the cannons, built the main mast and all of the yards. Basic gluing to the model, still a lot of shaping and refining to do. I have also mounted the model to its final base, took some work to get the things leveled, but it worked out ok.











Detail work and rigging left to do...

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