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HMS Victory by Johnny D - Mantua - 1:200

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Johnny D.  I am originally from New Zealand but have resided in Brisbane Australia for over 10 years now.  I am new to MSW but not to modelling, especially wooden ships.  I have built 6 and still find them fascinating, complicated and rewarding.

I recently completed the Sergal 1:125 Thermopylae. Though not perfect, was more than pleased with the result.  I looked for my next project, the C.Mamoli 1:150 HMS Victory, but had not luck finding it anywhere, so went for the smaller Mantua 1:200 HMS Victory.

Really didn’t know what I was getting into, but quickly became apparent that it was definitely going to be a challenge, mainly because of the size of the parts and the skill needed to build something this small.  I am certainly no expert when it comes to the Victory, but realized after a bit of research that the model had a few short comings when it came to accuracy.

While the laser technology is great, I was shocked to see the stern galleries were laser etched and flat without any relief (added to).  I studied this and determined that trying to work with the parts provided were near impossible to get any decent result.

Before I made a start, I built my own stern galleries using ‘Evergreen’ styrene extrusions.  If I managed something useable I would continue with the rest of the build.  It took over 3 weeks to put the stern galleries together and not super accurate, but better than a flat piece of plywood.   I did not take any photos of this, probably thought it would not turn out well, however there are photos of these parts in place further down.

Been at this build for almost 3 months now, will post the photos for this period and update with more as I progress.


Johnny D.











I bought the optional laser-cut copper plates.  Difficult to work with and looked like brick work rather than plates.  Sanded them down to an even finish and then sprayed the hull copper.  Looked far better and a bit more convincing.


This was my attempt at building the stern galleries.  Though clearly still requires some work,  it can up better than expected.






Have since replaced the hull steps as the ones shown are way out of scale.



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Looking good, now would be a good time to obtain a decent rigging plan

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Thanks Kevin,  There are a few shortcomings, the rigging is going to be one of them.  The instructions/plans are very vague, been looking around to find something I can follow, I might need to look at purchasing one of the many books available but considering that this model is not accurate, not sure its worth putting in too much effort.  I have purchased the Heller 1:100 HMS Victory and the AL Cutty Sark, both might be worth going the extra distance.


In the mean time I will work towards completing the 1:200 HMS Victory.  It is a challenge, but enjoying it.  I had a look at your completed HMS Victory and it is amazing.  I am currently working on the forward dead eyes and rat lines, will post some more photos soon.




Johnny D.

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Thanks LS,  rigging is very slow going. managed to find some better rigging plans as a reference, though still basing the rigging on the plans that came with the kit.  Moving on to the Mizzen mast as I have rigged the Fore mast.  Plan to do all the masts separately and once completed, will bring them all together.  For me, installing all the masts at once and then trying to rig everything would simply do my head in, this way it allows working room and reduces the risk of knocking/snapping things trying to maneuver around the model.  Still a lot of work ahead, enjoying it still, though trying not to get tangled up as I go.


If anyone is interested in the method I used to build the stern, let me know.  I have all the drawings I created and some build sequences I need to complete.  Would be very interested in seeing how others tackled this area, as its not easy based on the kit instructions.




Johnny D.




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Wow, what a stunning job you are making of this build Johnny D, incredible. I have decided on a slightly different approach to your good self in that l am building all Masts first then Rigging. I do however, appreciate your point about the "working room" so am hedging my bets. I shall build all Masts but not permanently fit them.

Keep  up the great work. 

Best wishes as always, 

The Lazy Saint. 

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Hi Everyone,


Been beavering away on the main mast.  Just started the yard arms, everything is very slow going, something you have to take your time with.  Finally started to fix the gun port covers, a challenge to keep them all at a consistent angle.  Still many hours ahead of me with the rigging.  I actually ran out of rigging thread, maybe because I was cutting off more than I needed.


Will post again when there's more to see.




Johnny D.



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