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  1. Hi Johnny D, You are right, the photographs we take always tend to highlight faults, unfocused areas of the picture tend to make paintwork look smudged. You have done a fantastic job on your Stern, did you build it up in layers 🤔 it certainly has made a BIG difference. I would be interested in knowing how you did it. I wonder if l could re model mine. Thanks for sharing Johnny D. Best wishes as always.
  2. Hi Emmet, You are carrying out the correct action to quote from another/previous post, however, you are quoting the whole post. It may be better to quote only the part of the post relevant to the subject of your post. For example, you requested information about where you could purchase a pin pusher, a very good and valid question, however, you quoted the entire post in which l mentioned my use of one. That post consisted of some 40 lines of text and 13 pictures. Don't worry, it's not a problem, it's just clearer keeping the quote short and relevant. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  3. Hi DanielD You planking is fantastic, the work maybe a bit tedious, but it is absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing it and keep up the good work Best wishes as always. The Lazy Saint.
  4. Hi all, Hello Emmet, please may l respectfully request that when you quote from a previous post that you just highlight the relevant sentence/section and quote that part. At the moment entire posts are being duplicated. As l have no computer and work only from my phone l find it quite confusing when l am required to look back for reference. Please don't take offence Emmet as non is intended. Best wishes as always, Thank you so much for the picture Johnny D, it looks fantastic. I am so pleased you posted it as it will help me no end. It's a great help to each other to share work, that is why l am hoping for a build log from you, especially now we are at the rigging stage. Yes, l see the variation in colour schemes, l was unsure of the path to take on that one but decided to copy, where possible, the real Victory at Portsmouth. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  5. Hi Haiko, What great progress you have made, it is very impressive indeed. I don't feel in a position to advise you and, infact, you will get far better advise from experienced members of the group. However, l will say l agree with you...... It would be bordering on a sin to copper over your hull, l have to (or white paint) l lack the skill to produce a hull worthy of varnish, but yours looks wonderful. Keep up the great work. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  6. Hi all, Each session seems to produce less work than expected for the time spent, this is due to the demanding nature of the build. A lot of time is spent in reading ahead to spot any potential problems, consulting/comparing with the AOTS "Bible" and, of course, head scratching. Today l have been working on the For Mast and Yards. First up is a shot of the yards, from top to bottom: 1. Fore Topgallant Yard 2. Fore Topmast Yard and Studding Sail Boom's 3. Fore Yard and Studding Sail Boom's Sanding each one to the correct taper is another of those repetitive jobs that gets easier as you go along. I managed to snap one of the yards, just as l was completing it, l said "oh dear" or words to that effect. The second shot is of all the component parts, cut and sanded. I have also fitted the Studding Sail Boom Irons in readiness for fitting into the end of the yards. My next challenge will be building the For Top and the Tressle/Cross Trees. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint. Session. Time. Total. 43. 3 hrs. 141.
  7. Its looking realy good well done, you have made a great job of the Chainplates. They are similar to the one's l made for my Sherbourne (l have to say yours are certainly better than my attempt) what are the ones like that came with the kit 🤔 Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  8. Well done Phil, they are coming along fine. I have to say your carving is getting very good. Keep up the good work. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  9. Thanks for sharing your work, it is of the highest quality. I am, as always very, very impressed Richard. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  10. Hi all, Thanks very much for your kind words Richard and Johnny D, appreciated as always. I hope you enjoy tackling this particular build Johnny D, l also hope you post a log, l would be very interested in seeing how you approach it. Finding a pin pusher in the US shouldn't pose to great a problem Emmet, have you tried to Google it 🤔 l myself purchased my one from Cornwall Model Boats over here in the UK. I am sorry l can't be much more help on this problem. I spent 4 hour working on my build today, the time was divided as follows. 1 hour building 3 hours head scratching. That seems out of balance to me, having said that l am finding it a bit of a challenge. This first image shows the Bowsprit assembly, consisting of the Bowsprit, Jibboom and Flying Jibboom. Also fitted is the Jack Staff and the Dolphin Striker. Next up is an image showing, at the top, the Spiritsail Topsail Yard and the lower, Spiritsail Yard......... Eyelets fitted and painted. The last image is the Bowsprit assembly fitted. I have also fitted, but not painted, the Boomkins. A pleasing, if rather slow, session today. I have a little bit of painting to do at the start of my next session and then it is on to the Formast assembly. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint. Session. Time. Total. 42. 4 hrs. 138.
  11. Looking great Edward keep up the good work and happy new year to you. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  12. Hi Altima, What a fantastic start, you second planking and tinting is awesome, your workshop is pretty cool too. Well done and keep up the great work. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  13. Hi Phil, I am looking forward to seeing them, they certainly will look the part and elevate the whole build. Good luck and keep up the good work. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  14. Hi all, Thank you all for the likes and kind words they really are appreciated. Dave is your build being logged here on MSW 🤔 l can't find it and would like to see how it is coming on. Thanks for the heads up on your build Emmet, l shall look out for it. 👍 rkwz l am following you now and have to say she is looking great. This morning l managed a two hour session and it is surprising how much you can get done in a short period of time. My aims today were: 1. To cut to the correct dimensions the Masts and yards. 2. Identify the discrepancies between the AOTS book/drawings and the kit plans. 3. Start the process of shaping the Masts and Spars. 1st up is the Formast and it's Spars, the first image is the AOTS plan/drawing followed by the kit plan and the corresponding cut to size Mast and Spars. The main discrepancies are the same identified when preparing the Bowsprit, that is to say, the scale (l shall deal with in the same way) and the topgallant and pole mast have been produced as one, understandable considering the scale. I re cut for the Bowsprit because it was glaringly obvious, but l will keep the top two sections of all three masts as one piece as the model designers intended. Next up is the Main mast. Finally, the Mizzen Mast assembly. And this is where l am now, a bundle of sticks (of varying diameters and lengths) some sandpaper and a tub of elbow grease. I am now going off to start the sanding and shaping, it will take some time but l will post again when it is completed. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint. Session. Time. Total. 41. 2 hrs. 134.
  15. I have enjoyed looking through your log. She is coming along very nicely indeed, thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to seeing the rigging taking shape. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.

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