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  1. Hi all, Well that is the Bowsprit completed, not fully tied down yet but will be during my next session. Here are three shots of the Bowsprit to show you where l am now. On my next session l will tighten up all the Running rigging and tie off, apply diluted wood glue to each knot and start making some rope coils. Best wishes as always. The Lazy Saint. Session. Time. Total. 57. 3 hrs. 195.
  2. Hi all, You are welcome Emmet, l am glad they helped. A little more done today, l don't seem to have advanced so much today but that is because l plucked up the courage to tie up and cut off the loose ends. Here are a few shots to show my advance today. l hope to finish the Bowsprit on my next session (haven't l already said that once before) l also need to start preparing some rope coils asp, certainly before l advance much further. Best wishes as always The Lazy Saint. Session. Time. Total. 56. 4 h
  3. Hi Sgt_Hoser, I like the arrangement of the Deadeyes on your kit, it is more in keeping with reality. My Mantua kit only has provision for seven, and all the same size. I suppose at these small scales the various manufacturer's have used "poetic license" l shall crack on with the instructions as is, after all, l am not building a museum piece. Keep up the good work. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  4. Hi Sgt_Hoser, What a great job you are making of this model, well done to you. I am very pleased to see you have started/posted you work, its great to see. The difference between the two kits is quite surprising l think. I shall be watching with great interest the development of your rigging. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  5. Hi Derek, Another great session for you. Your hinges and ring bolts are extremely good. Well done you. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  6. Hi all, Thanks very much for the kind words chaps, they are very encouraging indeed, as are the likes. Hi Sgt_Hoser, l haven't completed all the Standing rigging for the Bowsprit yet but l will try and fit in a couple of extra pictures of today's session for you, l hope they help. I had said l was taking a rest day today, l was planning a fishing or birding trip but it was so rainy first thing l decided to crack on with the build. I concentrated on the Bowsprit, mostly the Standing rigging but also a section of Running rigging, for variety. 🤣 First up are several sh
  7. Hi Richard, One of the things I find most amazing about your build is how crisp and sharp your woodwork edges and corners are. How do you manage it🤔 they are fantastic. Mine look like they have been chewed by an angry Beaver. Actually, you don't have to tell me how you manage it, l know, your woodworking skills are absolutely superb. Well done you. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  8. Hi all, I was fully intending to call it a day at lunchtime, however, after a quick snack l was unable to resist another session. I concentrated on the Fore Mast and Standing Rigging. First image is of the Fore Topgallant Yard fitted with lifting tackle. Second image showing the same but for the Fore Topmast Yard. Once again, this time for the Fore Yard. To images showing the Royal Backstays, both Port and Starboard. The final shot is of where l am now. Phew, a busy day today, but quite productive. I will need a
  9. Hi all, Thanks Derek, to be honest, l haven't thought that far ahead. I expect it will live on a shelf in the Grand children's room. Some models on this site are fantastic and fully deserve to be housed in a dedicated display case, l do not consider my Victory to be one of them. Today's session went well l am pleased to say and l am happy to announce the appearance of the first of the Standing Rigging. But first, another seven Blocks. The next shot shows the (temporary) fitting of the Royal Backstays. I have done this to try and achieve the correct lay of th
  10. Hi DanielD, l am not an experienced builder by any stretch of the imagination however, l do remember a survey being conducted on this site which you might find interesting regarding the quality of kits to be found today. If l remember correctly Caldercraft is highly thought of. I have found them very good indeed. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  11. Very nicely done Grandphil, l am looking forward to seeing them in situation. Well done you. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  12. Hi all, Wow, l shall think of you all snug in your observatory Derek when l am next out in my hat, gloves and scarf. 🤣 A good session today, although very slow and fiddly. Once again l find l am getting quicker as l progress, l hope so as l have a lot of these Deadeyes and Blocks to do. First shot is of the Double blocks attached to the Spars. They have also been fitted to the Masts. Fore Mast Spars. Main Mast Spars. The next picture shows the first set of Deadeyes fitted, this is what took the lion's share of the time today. The following
  13. Hi Derek, Very nice build indeed, superb woodworking skills being displayed. Well done to you. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  14. This is looking fantastic, well done. What is on the horizon for build no 2 Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
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