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  1. Hi all, Early start and Port side done. Next task is tighten all the standing rigging keeping things as even as possible, then apply a tiny spot of CA on each knot and tie off. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  2. Hi all, Thanks for the kind words Edward and for the tip Rick, appreciated as always. I do plan to tie it all down before moving on to the ratlines. Today l completed the rigging of the Starboard Deadeyes, tomorrow's task will be the Port side. Once l am happy with my efforts, for better or worse, l shall tie it all down. Then on to the ratlines. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  3. Hi Edward, I nearly missed this one, have you started the cross section yet. Best wishes as always. The Lazy Saint.
  4. Hi Mugje, Great progress, well done. I have been mystified with the Chainplates on my Ballahoo and Sherbourne, just couldn't work out how to fit them correctly. I ended up devising my own method. I have seen with interest the Chainplates you have with Pickle, they seem much better and l see you have fitted them well. Keep up the good work. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  5. Hi all, Thanks Dirk, appreciated. I did say my next session would be tomorrow but l couldn't focus on anything else today, my mind kept going back to Blocks, Stays and Shrouds. So l went back to my Den to do just a little more. I hope l am not developing a problem here, ha ha. I have now completed the Backstays and the Forestay. Once again, l have not tied anything off yet, l will wait untill l have completed the whole standing rigging and once happy l will tie it all off together. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  6. Hi all, A little more done again today. I am amazed at how absorbing this hobby is, l am so pleased l gave wooden model ships a go, l may never build in plastic again. Today l finished the Bowsprit Guys and Jib Halliard. I have not tied off any of my Standing rigging yet, l am waiting until it is all in place, then l will tighten all and tie off. The next stage was the fitting of the main Shrouds. It is getting very busy up there with all those Shrouds, l am trying to keep it as neat and tidy as possible. I still have the Forestay and Backstays to go. Here l have added the Forstay with its collar and mouse. l have half done the Backstays in that the main Shrouds are fitted and have their single blocks tied on. Tomorrow/next session, l will add the tensioning blocks and rope. It looks a proper medieval muddle at the moment with loose ends of string/ropes draped everywhere. Not to worry, l think l know which string/rope goes where. Tomorrow l will complete the Backstays and Forestay, attach the Deadeyes to the Shrouds and then rig them the the Deadeyes on the Hull, phew. I am not sure l will get that much done, but when l do get that far l will, at last, be able to fix the Chainplates into their correct angle. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  7. Hi all, Thank you all very much for that really useful information, l am realizing how complex a subject rigging is. I do find it most absorbing and, l think, my favourite part of a ship build. I am using my book to help me make sense of the plans issued with the kit and have found it perfectly acceptable for that task so far. Thank you also for the encouraging words, appreciated, as always. Today l started on the rigging and, although spent quite some time in my Den, didn't progress as far as l expected. That of course is, l suppose, the nature of rigging ha ha. I did however manage to get the Mast and Spars prepared with their Blocks and Cleats plus some of the Standing Rigging on the Bowsprit. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  8. Hi Dirk, Great way of getting the Chain plates to the correct angle. As always, l am blown away by your modeling skills. Thank you so much for sharing. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  9. Hi Mugje, Very good wood working, the windlass in particular looks fantastic. I am hoping to do Pickle next and your build is certainly going to be one l draw on for inspiration, well done. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  10. Hi all, Thank you both for your kind words, they are great compliments coming from such good builders as yourselves. I spent quite some time in my Den Saturday pondering over the rigging plans for my Sherbourne, they are much more complicated than those of my Ballahoo, or seem to be at least. I ended the day non the wiser. Sunday l discovered the book, Rigging period Fore-and-Aft craft by Lennarth Patersson. I have read it and, using it in conjunction with my Sherbourne's plans, l now have a much better understanding and feel much more able to tackle the task ahead. I am just glad l found it before l made a complete hash of things. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  11. Hi Mugje, I am glad to see you are taking health and safety seriously, nothing worse than a lung full of sawdust. I can see why your woodworking skills are so good. I must get some tools and learn how to use them. Well done to you and keep up the good work. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  12. Hi all, Thank you for your kind words Edward, appreciated as always. Thanks also for the likes given by others, again, appreciated. Today l fitted the Deadeyes and Chainplates. Once again l just could not fathom how to use the brackets supplied to attach the Deadeyes to the Chainplates, it's beyond me l am afraid, and, like last time, l devised my own method. I have not yet pinned the Chainplates into position on the main wale, l am waiting until l have fitted the main Shrouds. By doing so l will get them correctly aligned, unlike my Ballahoo. During my next session l shall attach the Blocks and Cleats required to start the rigging. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  13. Hi mugje, Very nice, well done and, as l expected, great cannons. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.
  14. Hi Dirk, Perfect. What else can be said. It is inspiring stuff. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes as always, The Lazy Saint.

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