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Cleaning out my workshop; I have more stock than I can ever hope to complete in my lifetime.  So, first I would like to sell my “a wood supplier” timbering set in maple for the Rattlesnake with plans. The plans are Hahn originals with a copy set as well as several plan sheets that I got from the Smithsonian a number of years ago. This is an expert, “scratch” kit where the only kit parts are the laser cut keel, keelson, deadwood, wing transom, stem, rudder, stern frames, stern post, mast partners, and deck beams. The materials and plans are for the 20-gun Privateer in 1/4 inch scale ( hull size is 37 x 24 5/8 x 12). Includes milled maple stock for framing, clamps,   etc. and a “Hahn style” framing jig. I had a couple of small bundles of oak that are in the box too. Use your own small grain wood to finish! This is a pretty heavy box. I will take $175 for all this including shipping.  Send me a PM and we can do the transaction PayPal if you are interested.







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The frames have to be built up from the supplied strip wood..  There should be more wood than what is shown in the picture above.


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