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Newcomer looking for help with Cutty Sark rigging


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so I am a newcomer and having read the cautionary tale I am feeling even more anxious that I was before I came across this site which I hope and believe will help me with the challenges I am facing (there are a few!). I have the cutty sark( artesania kit). So my father was a boat model builder and completed numerous ship - the Victory being the last he completed. He started the cutty sark at a time when mum died and it helped to keep his days occupied, it also meant that we would go and spend time building the boat with him. He became ill and so more time was spent with him and more help on the boat so I learned how to rig etc. The boat was for me and the day he died he said we must finish the boat. We didn't. So for many years I have kept it unfinished and with all the kit and his equipment stored. Now I find that I am in the vulnerable isolated group because of covid and as I too am now widowed I have brought it out to try and finish it - I know no mean feat!, so far I have managed to do the rigging and managed to put up some of the sails - I have just begun to start the foremost sail - and this is where I am stuck and completely lost as to the names of the pieces that I need to use. Perhaps I should stop here and put my query under a different topic :) - apologies for long post - I have spent so much time and didn't realise how patient and tenacious I could be - it's not perfect by any stretch but I think dad would be pleased with how far I've got ! 


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so I have explained in the new members section why I am trying to complete the Cutty Sark - I am incredibly anxious about joining this group and also showing my complete ignorance about building model boats but I haven't got my dad anymore and he was the one who was building it and showing me how to do things. Basically when Dad died some of the lines were up and many fiddly bits (the accommodation ladder ) had not been done. I have managed to do this now and have worked systematically through the book till I am about to create the foremost sail. My problem is I do not know what some of the parts look like - those cast in metal - notably chain chock,,metal blocks on the years, large metal trusses, hoops on the large metal trusses, large exterior guide rings for the booms on the yards and large guide hoops for the booms on the yards.  I have searched for images but cannot find any so would be really really grateful for any help in identifying which parts these are. Thanks


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34 minutes ago, Ann said:

… so I am a newcomer and having read the cautionary tale I am feeling even more anxious that I was before I came across this site

Hello Ann and welcome to MSW. Your story is proof, if any was needed, that this is a hobby with a purpose. I am sure you will get pleasure from completing a task with such deep personal connections and hopefully the forum will be useful: it usually is.







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No apology required, Ann. Just take one small task at a time, If you look at the magnitude of the work all together, it's daunting, even to experienced builders! There is lots of help here: all you need do is ask. And yes, model building is very therapeutic. It's helped me through tough times in life.

Be sure to sign up for an epic Nelson/Trafalgar project if you would like to see it made into a TV series  http://trafalgar.tv

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2 hours ago, Ann said:

completely lost as to the names of the pieces that I need to use

Ann, the Cutty Sark sail and rigging plans with names are available from the Royal Museums Greenwich for £8 each.


There are lots of websites that will provide names of sails, parts of sails and rigging. In addition to the advice you can obtain on this forum, there are lots of books that you can buy used from eBay and AbeBooks giving guidance on everything related to ship models. I found particularly useful zu Mondfeld's book on Historic Ship Models. Another thing is to look at the build logs for the Artesania Latina models of the Cutty Sark of which there are many -- on this site as well as videos on You Tube and other sites.



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Many thanks for all the replies- they have been really useful. Today I have pored over the plans and diagrams but my understanding is that the yardarm is to be cut from 6mm walnut but the large hoops measure 5.5mm so I cannot get the large guide hoop any further than the end of the yardarm - they are supposed to be in the middle! Do you think I should use 5mm walnut( I will need to order this as there is none in the kit) or is there a knack to getting the hoop further down 😊

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Hi Ann, welcome to MSW.


We have an index in the kit section... here's link: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/17023-quick-find-indexes-to-build-logs-for-kits/    It will download to your computer.  Once you have it, open it up and scroll down to the Cutty Sark.  You should see some builds listed there and find what you need in the logs.


As for ship parts, consider getting a copy of zuMondfeld's "Historic Ship Models".   It's well illustrated and explains just about every part of the sailing ships.




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