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Vanguard Models HMS Alert 1777

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Well, an early surprise for Father's Day has arrived at home...  I just received the Vanguard Models HMS Alert 1777 kit, Version 2.


No photo description available.


Mr. Watton was nice enough to guide me to his US rep (Ages of Sail), so placed the order and got the kit; I asked for the deck that need to be built up (not the etched complete deck), as I find that the built up one looks way better...  the etched deck is convenient, but I think the individually laid planks looks way better.


Very nice to have all parts bagged and marked... and the instructions...  damn priceless!


Finishing up a kit at home, so as soon as that one is completed, will put the Alert on the workbench, and see if I create my first build log here


Best regards,



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Awesome gift and welcome to the Alert club. I’m enjoying the build very much (I choose to go for the etched deck which came out after I had my kit). Looking forward to watching your build!

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Welcome to the Vanguard Models club.   I’m looking forward to your build, as I chose HM Sloop Speedy for my first ever wood sailing warship build.

I’m sure enjoying mine.  And learning ALOT!

On the bench:  Vanguard Models 1/64 HMS Speedy


On Deck:

Vanguard Models 1/64 Zulu,

Vanguard Models 1/64 Fifie,

Victory Models 1/72 HMS Bellerophon 

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On 6/26/2020 at 8:29 PM, smotyka said:



When requesting a built up deck as opposed to the laser cut deck, are other parts such as deck planking provided?


Thanks much in Advance.



I understand that if you order the pre-built deck, it substitutes the deck planking - see below from the Vanguard Models' page:


"Please Note – We have developed a laser etched deck for the Alert, which is laser cut and laser etched in 1mm limewood. The etched deck includes the correct planking arrangement and all treenails are included. If you would like this deck instead of the standard planking, please let us know when ordering, and we will swap the planks for the ready cut and etched deck."


Hope this helps!



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