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Which ship should i get?


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Hey guys! 

I am Atze and i am new to this hobby. I already got some experience with wood and modeling. 

I am looking for a nice ship and already have a list, but i cant decide.

Do you guys have recommendations? My price range is 100-200 but if it is better to pay more then its okay.

If you can help me with which brand or model is good, and maybe a small list. It would really help!

Here is a list of small ships i like, and what i have on mind.


Constructo: Enterprise

Mamoli: Hms Swift

Model shipways Syren


PS. Also im looking for a somewhat same ship like the HMS Sophie from Jack Aubrey.

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Strongly suggest you take a look at Vanguard Models. 



Good instructions materials and great quick service. Suggest one of the two - Lady Eleanor or Isabella for first time. There are build logs on this site for these two. If you want something more in the line of the ones you mentioned look at HM Cutter Alert by Vanguard Models.

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2 hours ago, Atze99 said:

Do you guys have recommendations?

If you ask a dozen people you will get a dozen different opinions. 

Build what interest you. If you live in the US you can't go wrong with one of the lower priced Model Expo Models. Because if you screw up a part or lose something it is easy to get replacements. Ask me how I know (I've done it).


"Peace is not something you wish for; It's something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away" by Robert Fulghum

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If you are looking for the HMS Sophie from the Patrick O'Brien Master and Commander book it is made up.  Patrick based the story somewhat on the conquest of Thomas Cochrane in the Mediterranean commanding the HMS Speedy.  That ship would be the closest thing but it doesn't have the tiny quarter deck like in the book.


So I guess I would recommend the Speedy from Vanguard Models.  Good materials, excellent instructions, but a bit pricey.  

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