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  1. Chris I think initially you indicated that you were not going to do a Master Shipwright version. Is that still your thoughts? Will you be having flags available for your models in the future? Thanks and DK is beautiful!
  2. That would be nice Are you ready to ship?
  3. Looks good!! Appreciate including more word instructions and photos when we get to the mast, boom, yards (including sequencing) and also rigging section. I am working on Alert and it is a little light on info in those sections (but I am figuring it out. 🙂) Thanks
  4. Tom I am just a little confused. Which boat comes with the Coureur? The post at #174 shows Cutter 130mm as "gift" with the kit but the description at #208 seems to indicate the other "regular" boat come with the kit. Can you please clarify. Thank you
  5. How about a POF kit? I think there might be some interest? Another thought royal yachts from @17-18 century such as Fubbs, Royal Caroline
  6. Tom When will everything be complete and ready to ship? Like to order but want to know that everything is ready. Please let us know. Thank you
  7. CAFModel Are you thinking of doing a boxwood version and if so when would that be released? Thank you
  8. Just received my Flirt. 2.5 days from England to Minnesota. That is service. So don't hesitate to order if you are reluctant to order from Vanguard overseas if you are in USA. Need to finish his other models Alert and Speedy before this one!
  9. http://www.schiffsmodellflaggen.de/english/Catalog/2._England.pdf http://www.schiffsmodellflaggen.de/english/Catalog/catalog.html
  10. Chris What are the 4 ship names? Hope one is HMS Bellona. (But I guess that one has a larger number of guns) I agree with the idea of better wood use.
  11. CAF Are you going to be including the French flag and streamer (pennant) ?
  12. James

    You list CAF Coureur as "imminent build". Can you tell us what your thoughts are about this future kit and why you would pick that kit. I am also interested in that kit and would like your thoughts. Thanks

  13. Sorry if this has been asked before but will instructions be in English?
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