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  1. Wonderful work so far, hard to believe this is your first attempt at planking! It certainly is a fine looking model and I have it on my “wish list”. I’ll be following along with the rest of your progress. As another newbie I probably won’t have any advice to offer but I will be enjoying watching your progress and clicking the ‘like button’. I do like the idea of painting the top black too. I also dabble in a bit of R/C sailing too. I have a pair of Kyosho Seawinds that are fantastic boats to sail.
  2. The piece numbered 77 in that picture looks as though it will go somewhere near the stern of the ship. Maybe put up a picture of the part of the plans that has #77 in it to help?
  3. Just been through and had a good read of your build thread. I had a few questions with mine but found the answers in your log. Your model looks amazing and I will be super pleased if mine turns out half as good! P.S I made the same 5 errors as you!
  4. Bit more work on this today and had to do a quick mock up of what she might look like. It's weird but my camera makes it look like the masts aren't parallel but they most surely are. But it is looking more like a boat. I have also given the hull a first rough sand to se how much filler I might need but it has actually come up quite good. Pictures of that to come...
  5. So I had a wee break from boat building because the snow here has been awesome. But with the season nearing an end I did some more boat stuff. Firstly, I made some deck fixtures which turned out well. Still need to drill the barrels of the cannonades out but meh. I have also mostly finished the first planking. It ain't pretty but it's nothing some filler and the second layer wont hide. And the area of most concern is the stern. I have bent planks to places they didn't want to go which has given me a bit of clinkering (if that is a word) so this will need some attention. So that's it for now. But an update is still an update!
  6. My little cutter arrived today to rural NZ. It’s a model boat all on its own! If you think the ship your building needs one, well the answer is yes. Yes it does! Thanks Chris. Just need to finish my current build so I can order an Alert!
  7. There is also this section of the forum. https://modelshipworld.com/forum/98-planking-downloads-and-tutorials-and-videos/
  8. I highly recommend having a wee read of this post form the Introductions section of this forum:
  9. With all the amazing crafts people on here it is easy to get a bit over critical of your own work. But it's your friends and family that will get to enjoy it in person. My first build was quite simple and average at best by MSW standards, but all the people who have seen it are impressed which is all that matters. Yes, on here we can see mistakes or things that we could have done better, but only the members here will see that. And we all have at least the next 3- 4 builds planned out so plenty of time to perfect our skills! Which reminds me, I need to go finish my first planking!
  10. Hi and Welcome from across the ditch. Great look build mate, well done. Please start a build log for your next build so we can follow the journey.
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