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  1. Hi Rick, I have always wanted to build a working a working R/C steam powered vessel so I will happily follow your build when your new toys arrive. Will it need some sort of permit or testing before you can use it? I know a few model steam train guys here in New Zealand have to have their trains certified and tested for safety purposes. Not sure if that is related to using in public or taking the public. Just curious is all. Good luck!
  2. G’day from across the ditch! Plenty of good advice already so won’t add much more other than a +1 for Vanguard models. I’ve just completed my first build and am well on my way through my second. Lots of good advice available on here when needed so well worth starting a build log. Good luck!
  3. Hello from a collection of small islands just south of Texas (there’s a storey there...) As a new member here, I want to say please start a build log. Your model buildings are spectacular and so is your photography. So I’m sure your build log would be a worthy addition here. Something for others to aspire to and if nothing else it will definitely provide some nice pictures for us to all look at.
  4. Wow, this is AWESOME! How have I not seen this before? Fantastic photography and videos. I'm going back to the beginning now to take a look through them all. I really like the weathering effect you have done. The paint chipping effect looks incredible and I will try it on a future build. Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed log. I can honestly say I have learnt some great tips and have taken inspiration from your build. I'll be following along from now on!
  5. Before I get to far ahead of myself, I remember everyone putting in ‘mast supports’ so figured I would do the same. I also wanted to make some things that go bang. So assembled the cannonades. I know from other build logs that they are massively out of scale. But will be fine for this build. I also thought I had done and okay job of removing the flash from the castings, but this photo clearly shows that I have some work to do. I also need to drill out the barrels as these are poorly cast. But I will need to make a jig to do this. But for now, here are some things that go bang.
  6. I would like to state for the record that both my long awaited packages form a well know shop in the southwest of England have arrived. I had previously given up hope of them ever arriving. But the post person delivered the second package today. I do intend to improve the rigging on this but I will come back to it at a later date. I'll also be needing some improved rope and a rope server. So for now it remains finished.
  7. Started planking. I thought I had spent enough time faring the hull but I think I might have gone wrong somewhere. I really wanted to get all of the planks to sit flat on the bulkheads. This had been a major issue in earlier previous attempts. But for the life of me I couldn’t get the first the first plank to follow the bottom of the gun port template. No matter what I tried it would clinker near the bow quite badly. The first layer of planking will be hidden by the second planking and I do intend to paint her. But I still wanted the first planking to be as good as I could get it. I also hoped that I could use it as practise for the second planking. I measured out plank widths down bulkhead number 5 and ran the 5th plank fore and aft and it sat well gains the faring of the hull. As you can see from my planking so far I have already had to add drop planks or stealers. The idea is not the reduce any plank to under half its width. Its a bit gappy but this is down to me relying on maths and not individually fitting and faring each plank. I will change that moving forward. Gaps can be filled. Ill go back and re look and the planking guides I have. I will also think about Chuck’s (?) method for the second layer if I still have issues. It might not look like it but the planks are sitting pretty true against the bulkheads.
  8. Thanks Eamonn! BTW your build log is so helpful. I keep checking it for ideas. Recent progress: Balsa filler blocks fore and aft. A touch of black paint under where the gratings will be. Faring of the bulkheads. Shaping the gunport part. *mild earth quake will typing this. Just a wee 5.2...* Hopefully tomorrow I can start the planning of the first planking. But I have learnt from past failures that faring the hull is vital and I have seen it said before. Fare and fare again! And now for a vague picture featuring my messy work station and heaps of clamps.
  9. So, I’m back working working on this. First up, glue in the transom piece. I built this seperate to help align the parts easer and then went for the clamps. Also, the ships cat stopped by to find out why the bottom of her cookie bowl was visible. I have also identified a couple of issues which I would like some advice on. But that’s tomorrow’s job.
  10. Great start there, and welcome aboard the good ship MSW. There will be a lot of people checking out your log (as indicated by the views) which will happily pipe in if you have questions. Otherwise we will probably just observe your progress quietly from the side lines. I’ll be following along as I have just finished my first build.
  11. @Major Tom, I like the model and I have enjoyed building it. There are better long boat kits out there but this still builds into a nice little boat. There are some much better build logs on here that show just what cab be achieved with this kit. I took a look through your Hannah build and if you can build that, you will be fine with this kit. /offtopic: I used to play a lot of 6th edition Warhammer when I lived in London. Even went to a couple of grand tournaments at Nottingham.
  12. I have really enjoyed building this model kit. I have basically built it as per the kit instructions. I have added some extra rigging details, but otherwise this is 'as per kit' I do have a couple of observations I would like to make: Before building this or any kit set, I highly recommend reading through other build logs. This could help you decide if the kit is suitable or nor. Start your own build log. This is a must. This will allow other members to follow along, but will also be a place where you can get help or advice if needed. There are also a few things about this build which may help others: The main sail is bigger than the plans. It seems this is true of other builds too. When making the boom and gaff, cut these to suit the sail, not the plans. I would add some small balsa blocks to the bow to assist with planking. There is a picture in the instructions that show these but they are never mentioned. They would be hidden but would greatly help with seating the planks at the bow. This is a single plank on frame model which means there is no second planking to hid behind. The bow seems to be the trickiest part. Add a small rabbet at the stern. Otherwise you could end up with a visible 'step' All up this model took me about 4 months to build. But this was a very casual time frame. During this time I learnt many valuable skills and techniques which I can use on my next build. The kit does require some basic modelling skills and you could build it with a very basic tool set. Final things to note: The quick build time was great. This meant I was able to finish in months not years. Its small size means there are several places I can display it. Although one day I would love to build a fully rigged ship (such as a frigate) I know that I have a lot of learning to do before I have the skills for such a build. I need to learn some better knots for tying blocks. My next two builds, and possible the third will all be smaller ships. Such as schooners and cutters. Because i like small ships! So, that's it. Onto my Ballahoo. Would I recommend this kit to others? Well I would certainly recommend a model of a long boat or jolly boat. Possibly the model Shipways one. But failing that then yes. I enjoyed building this and I am proud of the result.
  13. There is one or two small things left to do. But basically finished. I modified the rigging here by adding a few extra double blocks, which sort of matched the rigging I had seen on other blood logs I added a grapple and made my first rope coil using the masking tape method. I also filled the bucket with PVA and painted the top with blue ink. I used a tooth-pick and the mast head piece to make a new tiller. I also added that standard upgrade of adding a brass rail over the tiller to tack that boom tackle. (Enough brass in the kit to do this) Still to do: 1. Nail off the rubber brass parts 2. More 2mm bras rings to The the sails 3. Rig the boom and gaff to the mast (this is now a bit niggly) 4. Add some rope coils
  14. I have basically finished this now to a point where I will stop. Going to try some finishing touches and will take some better pictures tomorrow. I will also write a bit of a review. But I must say, I am thrilled with what I have achieved, and super happy that I have basically finished my first model boat. More pictures to come (tomorrow)

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