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  1. Hi David, Great build log! It’s nice to see another newbie working on this kit, and more importantly, finishing it. You seem to have the same idea as me. Build it as the plans, learn stuff and make sure it gets finished. It so easy to get distracted by all the superb craftsmanship on display in here. I’m about to embark on the rigging of my Jolly Boat. The instructions a vague at best, but by looking at your log it has cleared a few things up. I’m also intrigued by your idea of rigging the mast, spar and boom separately from the main boat. Something to ponder! Anyway, well done on a great first build. Jonny
  2. So one thing that comes up regularly with this kit is that the main sail (sp) is much bigger than what the plans suggest. The are several options out there but my option is I am going to un-pick the back end of the sail, trim to fit the spars and re-sew it. I don’t have access to a sowing machine (in lock down) so the plan is to do it by hand. If I mess it up I’ll just furl (sp) against the bottom spar. If I succeed by my sewing skills are poor then I will hopefully be able to fix it at a later date. Not that excited about the thought of hand sewing, but will chalk it up to an experience. Wish me luck!
  3. I built the rudder and have test fitted it to the hull and I’m happy with it. I also test fitted it on the stand which looks okay. Happy with how the plain wood pedestals turned out. I then mocked up the bits that I could. It looks like a model boat! I replaced the original aftermarket anchor I purchased it a grapple as this seems to be what they might actually have had. And added a small barrel that I’m going to pretend contains water.
  4. @catopower thanks for stopping by and thanks for the tips on ways to mark the waterline. I did find that my technique did mean the pencil moved which is why I will need to refine this for future builds. Nice flat books is a good idea! @Jack_Dusty a build log is a great way of keeping all of your musings in one place. It also is a great place to ask for advice or for people to share tips or point out potential issues. Plus everyone likes pictures of model boats so it’s win win. Thanks to everyone else that is following along and thank you for the likes!
  5. Quick update about the base: I gave the top side a coat of matte varnish and will have to paint the sides as the MDF doesn’t really like any of my stains. I’ve also painted the pedestals to try and make them look a bit prettier. It also has a name plate and obviously a boat to go on yet, so once all that’s done I’m confident it will look okay. Okay, picture time.
  6. I still need to mount the rudder and add a couple more detail parts. There is also a gap right near the bow that I’m not happy with. I’m going to attempt to fill it and paint it white. It will be mostly covered bow the bowsprit but if I don’t fix it, it will annoy me. One thing about this kit is it shows it having nice turned brass pedestals to sit on. However the kit only supplies some plain wood ones. So I’m going to do some modelling tricks to try and make them look a bit nicer.
  7. Hey hey it’s SATURDAY! (And we are in lock down...) Today I hope to finish the hull, get it mounted so I can start on the mast, sails and rigging. The hull needs a couple more coats of blue. It’s quite dark so the next two coats will get a touch of white.
  8. Hi everyone, New Zealand goes into full lock down tomorrow night for a minimum of four weeks. So glad I decided to buy another model boat to build while I’ll “working from home”. Stay safe everyone.
  9. A wee bit of colour changes the whole look. At this point I want to say I am really enjoying the build process. I have so far built it pretty much to the plans and it is turning out okay. For a first build, I’m quite pleased with how it looks. Sure, it’s no master class. But I have to remember not to get too caught up by how awesome other builds are.
  10. Time to mark the water line. I’ve seen some very nice tools for doing this. I don’t have one of those nice tools so I used some blu-tac, my quick square and a pencil. For future builds I will need to refine this! I then used Frog Tape to mask the water line. Then applied the first coat of Occre Brown. in the foreground is the masks and spars.
  11. At 1:30pm local time on Monday 23 of March, the New Zealand Government announced that in 48 hours, New Zealand would enter our Level 4 response to the COVID19 outbreak. This means New Zealand is going into total lock down for at least 4 weeks.
  12. I can really understand why people kit bash! I have strongly resisted the urge so far. But when you see the results of other builds, it’s very tempting! Below are links to some of the excellent build logs I have used as a guide and inspiration for my build: This has a cool colour scheme: Finished in timber (unpainted) with some sweet details And some nice work on this one too. Time to go work on mine!
  13. I also put a first coat of paint on the hull. Will need some caulking! (or no more gaps in this case). I’ll be onto the rigging in no time!
  14. Progress has been slow because I was putting off tapering the masts and spars. Mainly because I had tried tapering the bow sprite and it didn’t really work. But my wife got me this book and it has some awesome ideas in it and some great information. I was worried that because I didn’t own a lathe that I wouldn’t be able to taper the spars correctly. In this book however, he has a very simple tip: File into a square and then an octagon and finally finish with a bit of sand paper. I found this technique incredibly easy and got to use my bran new multi-tool. I pleased with the results and a task I though would take hours took mere minutes. Here’s how they look against the plan. I even re-did the bow sprite! Next up is some stain which I’ll be doing once I finish updating this build log.
  15. Welcome aboard mate! Nice to have another Kiwi on here lurking. Just an FYI it seems to be perfectly normal for model ship builders to have lots of purchased kits sitting on the shelf ready to build at a later date. So if the kit you buy seems a bit too much, you can always shelve it and buy another! I’m currently on my first build but already have my next build ready to go and a plan of what future ships I wish to build. Also, Mighty Ape have a sweet hobby section if there isn’t a model shop close by. Good luck and I look forward to following your build log.

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