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Lady Nelson by shurick - Amati/Victory Models - Scale 1:64

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This is my first wooden ship model and my first build log, so wish me luck. I hope I will be able to finish it and move on to bigger and better things! 


For my first build I decided to go with Lady Nelson kit from Victory Models. I purchased the kit and it arrived few weeks ago from Cornwall Model Boats. It is a New edition kit with some extra PE parts and few other things. For the new guys - I purchased some of the tools from MicroMark, Age of Sail and Model Expo websites. Just google those places if you need anything.



I had to wait a few weeks to gather all the tools I felt that I needed for this build, so finally today I was able to start the model!

First order of business was to study the plans carefully and watch first part of Bob Hunt DVD about building Lady Nelson. I decided to buy the DVD since I had no previous experience building any wooden models and so far it proved to be helpful.



So far it all seem to be pretty straight forward and here is a few pics of my progress.



Bulkheads have been glued in place. The fitment has been very good with no problems at all.



False deck has been attached. I put some rubber bands to help the glue to set in.



Prow, keel, and rudder post have been glued into place and I used some plastic clamps to make sure it was attached correctly to the main keel part.



I attached 2 sets of stern couter frames here and now I am ready to work on the bulkheads to prepare them for first planking. The bulkheads must be sanded and beveled to give maximum area of contact when attaching the planks.




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Hello Shurick

Good  start :)

I built the LN quite a few years ago.

It builds into a really elegant model with just enough decking , planking and rigging to give you a real 

taste for the hobby.

What you learn will scale up to more complex projects, so enjoy




Under construction  US Brig Niagara


Completed  HMB Endeavour - Caldercraft

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Great start, and good choice for your firts build. I'm sure you'll enjoy building her.


Another resource for tools that is local to both you and I, is George's Trains in Markham. Clamps, pin vices, files, paint, whatever



Quando Omni Flunkus, Moritati

Current Build:

USF Confederacy



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Hi Shurick

l built Lady Nelson and my buid log is on the site she rearly is great model to build and ideal as a first build you can learn all the model building skills on her I look foreward to your updates.



 Current build A set of HMS Diana`s boats @ 1/48

 HMS Royal Marine a Military class Trawler

 Completed  HMS Diana

Completed build The Lady Nelson

Completed Build HMS Pegasus

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Great to see another Lady Nelson build. There used to be more on MSW 1.0. It was my first choice as a first build, but it was out of stock at the time and I went with an almost identical Sherbourne that I'm in the throes of making. I'm looking forward to following your log.



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Hi Alex,


Welcome to MSW.


Am looking forward to following your build of the Lady Nelson. If you need a bit of inspiration to keep you going take a look at Ray's LN build log and his photos in the gallery section. Also suggest you take a look at Tony's build of the Sherbourne which is very close to the LN. Lots to learn from those two builders.  


The LN is a beautiful model when finished. Enjoy the ride!


Wish you well as you move along.



Hopeful aka David


"There is wisdom in many voices."

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