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Portable bench

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This is a portable bench that I design on Google Sketch up. I want to build it in the near future because I don't own a workshop and I'm working on a balcony or inside according to the weather.

I'm planing to build it from 2 by 4 cm  and 12 by 1,5 cm boards or any cheaper material.

The whole bench is portable as You can see on the pictures, is closes by a piano hinge and can be mounted on a wall with a french cleat and a pull up legs, or can stand on a table top without the legs.

Any suggestions, comments or questions are welcome.

And there are the dimensions on the pictures in mm.




Greetings, Sinan :pirate41:

Build log:TRITON POB 1:72



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Great idea, just make sure, that the legs wont flip in while working!



To victory and beyond! http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/76-hms-victory-by-dafi-to-victory-and-beyond/

See also our german forum for Sailing Ship Modeling and History: http://www.segelschiffsmodellbau.com/

Finest etch parts for HMS Victory 1:100 (Heller Kit) and other useful bits.


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That is an outstanding idea!!






Current Builds

Santa Maria - Artesania Latina (1:65) POB

MayFlower - Model Shipways (5/32"=1') POB
Blue Shadow - Mamoli Revolutionary War Brigantine. (Fict) (1:64) POB (Recommissioned as the Kara June)


On The Shelf Waiting so Patiently

USRC Ranger - Corel (1:50) POB

18th Century Longboat - Model Shipways (1:4) POF

La Nina - Artesania Latina (1:65) POB

U.S Brig Syren - Model Shipways (1:64) POB


Completed Builds

Phantom NY Pilot Boat - Model Shipways (1:96) Solid Hull


Decommissioned Builds
(Time and conditions were not good to these. They have been cancelled =( )

Willie L Bennett - Model Shipways (1:32) POF
USRC Harriet Lane - Model Shipways (1:128) Solid Hull


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Nice design Sinan. The french cleat would be the perfect way to hang the unit.

Have you thought of making the work surface cantilevered to the back, which would negate interference from the legs? With the right bracket you could also lock it in place when on a tabletop.

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