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  1. Karl, I have been following your build of all three sections of this ship for a few years now and can only say they are all astounding! Might we see a photo shoot of all three sections together?
  2. Gaetan, I have been following your work for a long time and am constantly amazed at you skills. You should know that there may be a problem with the site you provided above. When I went to the site, it infected my iPad with a virus or malware and locked up my internet browser. I was able to delete the virus without much problem, but thought you should know. Here is a picture of the locked screen, which apparently is fairly widespread as I found the solution on the Internet through another device.
  3. I have the Allwin combo sander and like it just fine. Haven't had it very long but have used the belt sander much more than the disk. I don't know anything about Proxxon tools.
  4. Hey Rich, good job so far. I'm not sure if the photo is skewing the view but you might recheck the dimensions for the hatch and cabin openings against the boat center line as they appear off a bit.
  5. As always I am speechless when viewing your work. I need to find a dictionary of superlatives just to comment properly.
  6. Jay, very nice work on the sails and the boltrope. I'm getting ready to sew the ropes on the sails for my Willie Bennett and my instructions say to sew threw the rope not around it. Which way did you do it?
  7. Nice design Sinan. The french cleat would be the perfect way to hang the unit. Have you thought of making the work surface cantilevered to the back, which would negate interference from the legs? With the right bracket you could also lock it in place when on a tabletop.
  8. Rich, as Adam said, welcome to the Willie Bennett club. There are four other Bennett's underway on this forum and one in the completed gallery. Its great to have another!
  9. Tim, Bob and Popeye, Thanks for looking in and for the good words. I haven't worked on the boat for about a week as I've helping my son refinish some furniture. That project took a couple of days but turned out great. My last post was about installing the dredge rollers and although they turned out great I had a problem with the blackened finish. When I first blackened the parts and installed them the blackening looked great, a nice flat even finish but in about two days they turned rusty with splotches of black. Looked kinda good actually, like they were really weathered but not in keep
  10. Tim and Bob, Thanks for the comments. I went ahead and blackened all the parts then started to put on the boat. I immediately discovered that the axle brackets for the long roller were to tall so I had to make new ones. Here is a old and new pick. After blacking the new parts I installed the dredge roller on the starboard side. Everything fit well and I am happy. Probably do the port side tomorrow.
  11. I put my sail making aside, while I wait for some eyelets I ordered to arrive so I could complete them. Today I have been working on the oyster dredge rollers. The picture shows the two roller assemblies prior to painting or blackening. This little project took me about 8 hours to complete to this stage and I am pleased with the result. I sorta wish I had aluminum tube to use for the rollers but only had the brass. I will likely paint the rollers with aluminum colored paint and the mounting ironwork white. Thanks for having a look.
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