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The Pilgram - Tall Ship - sinks at its berth!


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That's too bad. This LA Times article says the ship would have to be demolished:




The article says the ship is a replica of The Pilgrim, the ship that Richard Henry Dana immortalized in his book Two Years Before the Mast.


One moment I remember from the book concerns sailors who were working in the California hide trade.  They worked very hard processing hides for half a day in exchange for half a day of free time on shore.  When their supervisor saw how hard they worked, he demanded that they work a full day, so the sailors responded by working a full day but only half as fast.

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Sad news. From the reports, it seems Pilgrim was another one of those "replicas" that sort of looked like what somebody sort of thought the original might have looked like. Her hull was originally a 1945 three masted Danish schooner, about ten feet longer than Dana's 1830 Pilgrim, which would likely have been "apple-bowed." Reportedly, she was insured for $6 million and a total loss. Assuming her rig and other gear were salvageable, it seems like a more accurate "replica" could be built to USCG school ship certification standards for less than that, so things may not be as bad as one might imagine.

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5 hours ago, Smile-n-Nod said:

the sailors responded by working a full day but only half as fast.

Is that the origin of "Doing a half fast job"? 😁 (Think about it.)

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