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  1. Nice tidy work. At first I thought this was a kit but it slowly became apparent you are in scratch build mode. Where did you find the plans? Bob
  2. No kidding. I don't need another vice but I also just have to have it. Unfortunately the yellow color is bright enough to stand out so the "boss" is sure to notice something is amiss.
  3. I bought one when I started my first build and was very disappointed with it. Unless you are attaching it to a very smooth surface, such as glass, it does not stay in place well at all. Even if you use a glass surface it can come undone at most inappropriate times, such as what you are working on ending up on the floor. Better to get a small vice that you can bolt or clamp to your work top. Bob
  4. My first and most important wish is for this pandemic to go away. My second wish is if number 1 comes true that we all learn something from it and go forward with a better world. Now if both of the above come true, my last wish is for a Byrnes sander. Got to add some greed in here somewhere. Bob
  5. Brian, Your attention to detail is remarkable. I wish I had started this hobby many years ago so that my skills were at a level allowing me to produce your kind of work. At 77 the eyes and fingers don't work that way anymore even if the brain wishes differently. Keep up the great work. Bob
  6. Very well deserved, Eric. Nice to see your excellent work being recognized this way. I will most certainly buy a calendar. Bob
  7. Fantastic job Eric. I guess I had forgotten how long you have been working on the Arabia, even though I have followed your progress from the beginning. The old saying about how time flies when you are having fun surly applies in this case. Can't wait to see what you have on tap for your next project. Bob
  8. Brian, a good start. If your craftsmanship on this project is anyway near as good as your Chaperon, it will turn out great. Bob
  9. Bob, with the skills and imagination you have shown on this build, the rigging on the Philadelphia will be a piece of cake. Bob
  10. Hi Bob - as many have already said, your level of detail is awesome. It has giveen me a lot to think about in planning for the start of my own Philadelphia project. From your responses to other posts it appears that you have a rather extensive background in model railroading (as do quite a number of others on this forum) and this has provided a number of resources and leftover parts, etc., that you have used in your detailing processes. Unfortunately, I don't have that in my modeling experience but it has given me the desire to know more and to explore the various sites available to all of us.
  11. Hello Brian, thanks for the history lesson. I live in Le Claire, Iowa and have sailed on the Twilight several times. Never knew the wharf boat is the former City of Baton Rouge. Bob
  12. A good suggestion in our local paper today for those buying up all the toilet paper they can find - buy more cheese instead Bob
  13. Are these lights battery powered or plug in?
  14. Absolutely fantastic job on your gun carriage detail. How on earth did you make the nuts that go on the bolts? As well as all the other hardware? I'm hoping you found a place to purchase this stuff. My skills are not quite up to making something this small. P.S. my Philadelphia is still on the shelf but I'm planning ahead. Bob
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