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  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have been using an inexpensive combination belt and disc sander purchased from Harbor Freight which was OK but does not offer the variable speed control feature. I bought the one from Menards yesterday and it works like a charm. Bob
  2. Thanks for the review, Chris. I have been looking for a new "page turner" to get immersed in and this sounds like it might be just the ticket. I just ordered the first in the series and I'll let you know how it turns out. Bob
  3. Eric, I always try to go with the solution that is supported by logic when all else fails. Of course, logic (as well as common sense) seems to be in very short supply in the world we live in today. I can see no reason for wide paddleboxes other than to maybe give more room for on the river repairs, maintenance, etc. to the paddles. But given these boats were built to provide their owners with a profit, they would not go the extra expense if they didn't have to. Bob
  4. Hey Eric, you better hurry up and finish your Arabia. Looks like you might just have a new boat to model. I wonder if the Malta was a stern or side wheeler. Bob
  5. Looking good Eric. Glad to see you back at the build. FYI - I got my copy of the Chaperon CD from Kurt the other day and it is great. Really wish I had it from the beginning of my build. I agree, it would be a terrific resource for anyone building not only the Chaperon kit but any other river boat where a bit of authenticity is desired. Some of the other kits out there are pretty far off when it comes to accuracy. Bob
  6. Bruce, Very nicely done, indeed. It has been a pleasure following along on your build. Hope to see your next project soon no matter what you decide on building. Bob
  7. Click on the icon at the far right top of the screen, the one next to the messages icon.
  8. Kurt,

    I would like to purchase the CD version of the Chaperon materials you are now offering for sale. From your post it appears the only way to pay for it is to use Paypal. I have set up an account but have never used it before so will be kind of flying blind on completing the transaction. Any help on getting this done would be greatly appreciated.

    My mailing address is:

    Bob Lapham

    700 Falcon Drive

    Leclaire, IA 52753

    Tele no. 563-289-5059

    1. leclaire


      Hi Kurt,

      I was finally able to get the Paypal process to work, at least it said so on my end. You should have received my payment for your Chaperon CD yesterday afternoon sometime. Please let me know if you did not. Thanks.


    2. kurtvd19



      I got payment yesterday.  The disc will be mailed today.



  9. Eric, It is times like these that everything I try to say comes out sounding rather like a worn out cliche of some kind. My best to you and your family. As Canute noted earlier, this is a great support group so don't feel like you were dumping on us at all. Bob
  10. Kurt - good news indeed about your Chaperon CD. I could sure use it in my build. Now I have a good excuse to set this build aside and try to finish up another that has been gathering a little dust. Please make sure to let us know when it is available. Bruce - very nice work on your Chaperon. Like Kurt, I particularly like the extra details you have included. Bob

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