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What are these tools and how are they used in ship modeling specifically?

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There are a few tools that I'm not sure of as far as what they are used for.

What is a router and what could I use it for while building a ship, list specific parts that would require this tool.

Thickness sander, what is this and how. Does it differ from a regular sander? And what would you use it for on a ship?

Band saw.

How is a grinder used differently than a sander.

What's a "contour" sander?


I know what a deemed tool is but what are some important deemed bits to have?

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First off, most of these tools would be used most by scratch builders, not so much by the kit builder. All of these tools machine lumber (wood) into usable pieces.


A router is a high speed tool that spins a chosen sharp steel or carbide bit. The wood is either pushed into the spinning bit or with the use of a collar, it guides along the edge. It can make profiles like mouldings.

A thickness sander takes thicker wood and sands it down to a desired thickness with sandpaper. A planer does the same thing only more aggressively (if desired) with blades rather than sandpaper.

A band saw is a saw, with a circular (band) blade that rotates from top to bottom above a table. It moves through the table in a slot and if you put a white dot on the blade you would see it rotate around and around... get it? It is used to shape or cut out designs or parts from larger pieces of wood.

A grinder grinds steel or metal. A sander usually is for wood only although I'm sure there are exceptions.

A contour sander sands contours... like the contours put on wood with a router.... for example...mouldings.


I assume you mean a 'dremel'. I cannot advise which bits are important becasue I don't know what your desired result is.


Having said all this... all of these tools can hurt you if not used appropriately. I advise you to investigate all of these and more regarding what is right for you and learn the right way to use them.

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Spencer I will try to explain what you will need for ship modeling and I'm not a expert in this field but I just will pass you my knowledge.


If you are building from a kit you will not need any of the tool that you listed.. you will need some hand tools in general.

If you are building from scratch then...

Router is a tool that carpenters will need, and for a modeller you can use a rotary tool like dremel or proxxon. This tool you can use for drum sanding, making profiles and even as a table saw if you mounted on a table with a little saw.

Band saw is a great saw for re sawing a thicker board and for making curves (like cutting  a bulkheads).

And a Thickness sander is a drum sander with a adjustable table. 

And finally here is a link from some of the home made machines that I made hope you have an idea from it. http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/263-all-my-homemade-tools/

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Thank you all for you're great answers! And yes I am a scratch builder, I personally do not believe kits to be "real ship modeling" ;P right now I have a scroll saw and a jigsaw. Oh and I just got a little dremel tool (sorry about the misspelling my phone auto corrects) with a little grinder attatchment. After watching a video of what the band saw can do, I would really love to get one of those, that seems perfect. I'm also looking for a good tool to mill my own planks with, maybe just a table saw?

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