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Help with question regarding HMS Victory at Trafalgar


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Hi all,


I have been trying to register on the website HMS Victory modellers resource forum but you have to answer a question in the correct sequence to prove you are not an automatic registration (bit silly to me But!!)  All my searches for an answer only come up with the amount of cordage used to rig the ship.  There are to boxes one with a list of what was not carried on the vicory and must drag the items that were carried on the vicroy in the box for what was carried on the victory


What kind of rig did HMS Victory carry at the Battle of Trafalgar


Here is the list


Fore and Aft
















You can only select four and the must be in the right order


As I am not a Victory Genius I have exhausted my attempts to join and they do not even have the facility to contact the administrator for help



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Thanks for the replies people, I did not want to be too nasty RE the registration process but you all seem to have the same thought process as me.  Thought it may be another site to join considering I will be tackling the Panart Victory once i have caught up on all the other model under construction



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Hello Gentlemen.

My name is Pete Coleman and I am the administrator of the HMS Victory Modellers Resource Forum.

I would like to take this opertunity to set the record straight regarding registration on my Forum.

Some while ago we where heavily attacked by spammers and hackers both.

In spite of their best efforts I was able to keep the Forum and it's database intact.

Other Forums have NOT BEEN SO LUCKY!

I regarded all the members hard work in submitting articles to the Forum must be protected at all cost.

Hence the setting of a somewhat stringent registration question in order to become a member.

It requires only ONE answer to be dragged in to the correct answer box and to be fair I would have thought

that anyone with an interest in the age of sail would know how HMS Victory was rigged...

Perhaps the question is too hard for some people but in the age of the internet a little research is so easy.

Yes there are less stringent anti-bot tests out there, but having built up such a vast knowledge repository

I would give my life to protect it from the mindless idiots that enjoy nothing better than destroying other peoples enjoyment.

I am very sorry if some prospective members are put off by my chosen registration method but I know which I consider to be the most important.

New Members are also required to make an introductory posting within seven days of registering too, just to introduce themselves to the rest of the community and to break the ice. If they don't feel like posting anything else after that, that is just fine but we consider it a curtesy for a new member to make that initial post.

In spite of what you may have garnered from all the above, we are a very friendly Forum and we don't just cover HMS Victory these days, we have diversified into all ages of ship modelling. in all mediums too.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing on for the voyage and if you really don't know the answer to the security question it is: "Square", just click on it and drag into the answer box and you will be done!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this,



Edited by Pete Coleman
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Thank you for taking the time to tell us about the background behind your Victory website, and the reasons for the precautions you have taken. I think we can all understand that now. I apologise for my earlier contribution, but have to say that I was a little confused by the original post.


Good luck with your website, it looks interesting – the bit that I've seen that is!

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I'm glad I became aware of this site, looks like there are quite a few friendly faces and useful info.  I tried using Internet Explorer 10 and was unable to register on the site (the drag capability did not work), however using Firefox I was able to join no problem.  Looks like there may be some compatibility issues with certain browsers or settings.  Looking forward to exploring this some more.

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Oh dear! it now seems as though "Internet Explorer" has a problem with the current "anti-spambot" question and answer system.

As a user of "Mozilla Firefox" I don't see the same problem..

I have now reverted to the old system whereby one would manually type in the letters/numbers shown, into a box provided.

At least that system worked for everyone, I think! but not sure how effective it is against spammers/hackers...


Sorry Chuck and the rest of you guys, just in case you think that I am trying to poach new members, I'm just trying to set the record straight and get a workable solution that will suite everyone going here...


Thanks for your patience!



Edited by Pete Coleman
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Hello Pete,


thank you for the work and care.


Myself being inscribed there for a long time already and really appreciate the vast data base on all things concerning Victory. As a lot of other contemporary ships are also presented there, it enlarges the knowledge about this era, and also other periods and model categories are covered, which always nicely enlarges one´s own horizon.


As informations, mood and tone are different to MSW, I do not see it as a concurrence, but it is a wonderful addition to all things MSW that can be found here :-)


Cheers, Daniel

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Thanks Pete for the clarification, have been off-line for a bit hence that late reply.  I think my initial confusion may have come about with the section of the question that stated you could only select four and must be in the correct order as all my research pointed to square only.  Anyhow will try to register now and thanks again for clearing things up.



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