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HMS Peregrine by ships88 - Corel - SM58 log restarted

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I had a build log of the HMS Peregrine in the original site, but when 2.0 web site launched, it was lost for some reason, I will re-post some of the buiidling progression pictures from the previous log and restart the build log again as some member expressed interest to see the build log again, Another compelling reason is there isn't any active building log /coverage on this particular ship/kit.


looks like pictures were lost again.. reposting (4/11/2014)






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The key to making this ship model is to use the drawing as the primary reference for the build (the supplied components are not to scale nor correct at times). If it does not resembles the drawing, make your own replacement part (there are small enough, any scrap wood laiding around will do).


Picture 5194 shows the kit provided deck planking (lighter color ones) in comparison to the rest of the deck with the planking split in half  with a #11 blade. Pencil was utilized to simulate culking between deck plankings.


VERY IMPORTANT: Cut the lower portion of the second gun port ring (see picture 5115, use the drawing plan as the reference), This is required, as the channel will be in the way it is not done, I have seems a couple of built of this model recently, Most did not trim the 2nd gun ring. As result, the hull and the stern profile ended up taller than it should be (also the sequential gun ports' height), The stern window, the stern decornation will not match up.









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Picture 5282 shows the comparison between the scratch window frame versus the paper printed window image. The paper printed window represents only two demension and should be replace with a 3 demensional window. Trace the window outline onto a blank paper. Glue the correct sized wood stocks to the paper. Once glue dries, use a sharp blade and cut the completed wooden window frame away from the paper. sand away any remaining paper on the window frame (use a fine grid sand paper).







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Build pics 3


Comment update 1/1/2014


The kit's provided  molded gun carriage has nice details and portion, However, it isn't correct for this kit. The carriage is too wide and not the right scale. As a result, the gun barrel sits too far back in the carriage (see comparison pictures 5836 and 5837). It is best to replace those with the correct sized wooden gun carriage. Use the drawing plan as the guide for the carriage size. Note: The gun barrel matched the drawing well. The wood carriage also enables the gun trackler ring and rope to be installed which with the metal carriage will be difficult.


Picture 5874 shows the different built stages of the gun carriages.


Warning: Be PATIENT, this will take a while and boring. Howver, you will be glad you did afterward. It does make a big difference in the finish model.






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The spiral stair case located midship is a pronunced feature on this ship. The kit provides a metallic molded stair case, it is out of scale and not suitable. scratch build your own, The key point to remember is the stair case center post is "square" not round as research showed. This also make the construction easier, Th other thing to space out the correct number of stair threads matches the drawing (this will assist with height spacing of each stair step).


Glue the stair case outter rim to the first stair case thread (see picture 5884). This will form the quarter circuie shape of the stair case, Once dried, add the remaining stair raiser, then the step thread plate to complete.










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The kit provide a mixture of good and out of scale metal casting components, At times it would be best to repace those out of scale ones with new scratch built  one matching the drawing plan .Since the ship itself is small. Any scrap wood would do.


The kit provided molded rail post castings are pretty good and matched the drawing plan very well. They are also very hard to duplicated in wood, so I used those.


Other components should be replaced are: the binnacle (the kit's looks iike a bended oven), The bitts (the kit's is too small)


The knight head is a hyid. the kit provided  - head portion is fine, but the stock is too skinny. Cut of the head and reinserted/glued with correct sized wood stock.


Sorry for the pictures being out of sequences. I can't figure out how the uploader re-arranges them.













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The metallic capstan provided in the kit is nice, however, there is a molding line run across the middle of it. It is very visible. Sanding the line away, making it shinlely and hard to paint over. A replacement  was constructed from a popsicle stick and a coffee stirrer. The small size of the ship enabled this to be possible and inexpensive. The captsan was constructed using the construction drawing from the  book "Historic Ship Models" by Wolfram Zu Mondfeld and the model's drawing plan for size.


The book is the English translated version by the Germany author. It is one of the best reference book for sail ship modelling at any price (everyone should obtain a copy).


The two pictures (6472 & 6478) show difference of the capstans.








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The rigged guns are attached to the bulkwark.


Holes were pre drilled on either sides of the gun port for the breaching rings (make sure the hole's height are correct in relation to the gun carriage). The pre-rigged gun carriage are then attached to the deck and bulkeark using epoxy glue. This phrase took a long time to complete  (be patient).







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Just follow the enclosed drawings closely (especially TABLE A drawing - has most of the overall information) if you are not sure  about the exact dimensions for the component or their placement. Match the parts/components against table A.

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Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately I haven’t progress since I last posted. The ship is pretty much finished as an hull only model (minus the figure head, {which I need to carve from scratch}, belaying pins & the anchor addition). The good news is I will finish it as a fully masted and rigged model down the line.


I uploaded some new pictures taken w iphone that has better resolution than  what was available from 2014. Enjoy (if you like additional detail shots, let me know).








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